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This is why Moxie always seemed so dodgy to me. Wants to centralize no matter what, is or at least was hostile to Signal forks, federation seems to be a dirty word for him and now this not-Monero nonsense.

Just wanted to chime in: you mentioned you needed Discord to work, yes? Discord is reliant on some of Google’s android services, so you will need either microG or opengapps on your phone. @ajz already mentioned LineageOS for microG, which I think would be your best, and simplest, bet.

Note that microG can be installed with other ROMs, but that is usually a separate thing you have to install after you’ve installed the android ROM, whereas Lineage with microG already comes with microG bundled, as the name implies. Flash it and you’re done.

CalyxOS also comes with microG and is generally well received, but as you can see here the selection of supported phones is rather limited at this time. Good luck!

UPDATE: This is nice and all, but if you’re using Windows 10, you have to use the Microsoft Store. Why. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an open-source product needing MS Store to install. Windows 10 LTSC, for instance, doesn’t ship with the MS Store and other junk (thank god), so you’d better hope you’re not using that.

My mistake, then. I’ve contacted every bank in my country and for online purchases they either want you to install an app or to sign up on a third party website I’ve never heard of. Because of this I had assumed this is now practiced everywhere in Europe.

Amateurs. Calling it G̷͚̒1̵͜͝ is clearly the better choice.

Source for those wondering. I do agree on some points, but with respect, I believe the article is an overreaction. I will concede that energy consumption and by extension global warming are serious issues and if everyone just stopped using power-hungry cryptos - which unfortunately aren’t just Bitcoin and Etherum, but most of them - I’d be very happy indeed.

As for the hardware price hikes: no disagreement there. Fuck every single person who bought GeForce and Radeon cards in bulk just to have them at max capacity 24/7 and then expect the market to buy them back with extreme wear and tear. I believe most people who tried to build a decent PC in the past few years will agree.

That said, I don’t think we should start boycotting cryptos just yet. From my point of view, I much prefer having control of my money as opposed to having banks take care of my very livelihood. Banks fail and internet banking is, in my opinion, still shit. Hands up if you’ve ever accidentally deleted your digital certificate for online banking and had to go through the process to re-apply for one. Or how many of you have to type in more than one password to log in? Speaking of…

If you live in Europe, you might have heard of the PSD2 directive. I won’t go into details, but what it boils down to is that in most cases, you now need a phone app, usually your bank’s, to purchase ANYTHING online and I hate that. Don’t have an android or apple phone? Boned. Don’t have google services on your phone? Boned. Don’t have a phone, period? What are you even doing online, you pleb? It’s because of this directive alone that I’ve started using cryptos more than I did before. (Thanks, EU)

Cryptocurrency does serve a purpose. Our existing payment systems are starting to get cumbersome and outdated. Cryptos might not be the perfect solution, but until one comes along, I think it’s the best we’ve got right now. (This got a little long, sorry)

I have Nextcloud on my server, but my posteo account came with a free encrypted calendar, so I’m using that. I might migrate once I’m feeling less lazy.

PineTime is almost the perfect smartwatch for me. It certainly is the one that comes closes to what I want: open hardware, supports open-source systems and knowing Pine64, they will most likely be selling spare parts too, which would be amazing.

The one thing I’m not a fan of is the form factor. Once development is further ahead, I hope they will have a model with a thinner screen, about the width of the strap, along the lines of this.

Unfortunately, no. However, the Wireguard app does work for non-Mullvad Wireguard connections. It’s not as easy or convenient to use as MullvadVPN’s app, but it’s not difficult either.

Can confirm, it’s just called Wireguard and it’s on F-Droid to boot. It’s also ridiculously more battery friendly than OpenVPN. OpenVPN will devour your battery in a matter of hours.

Well, some people just flat out won’t care. You can shove Snowden and Cambridge Analytica in their faces, but all you’ll get are strange looks. I would say make a case and let them decide. Most of the time, they won’t break their internet browsing habits. But some might!

I feel that the absolute worst you can do is be pushy and make people resent the concept of internet privacy before even fully understanding it. I feel like @fidibus@lemmy.161.social got it right: use privacy-friendly software yourself and if the topic comes up, casually show them that using it is not that big a deal.

Agreed. In the end they’re asking their users to blindly trust a closed-source platform made by anonymous authors. Good luck justifying that.

I’ve just started reading, but I’ve already come across one issue with the article:

All posts have a character limit, so we can’t say everything we want in a single post.

If that’s the case, then why did they use Mastodon? Why not Plume or write.as, which are more suited for longer blog posts?

Not the OP, but this is how it looks like on my machine:

Not much better.

I thought as much. There’s a clear bias towards XMPP, though some statements seem objective and factual. Some others are just strange, like the one where it just says “OLM” on a yellow background. Is that good? Bad? Some extra words would have been nice.