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Congratulations @dessalines@lemmy.ml Thanks for making this awesome component of the fediverse available!!

How can I help?

Is it just opening a provisional account on those servers and playing around?

It has always created a conflict to me the fact that Signal is open source and yet there are no forks out there. You would think someone would come with a fork outside the US or something.

Sometimes I have even thought that Signal may be a social engineering effort from the NSA, or some three letter agency to bring and spy on all the “people that have something to hide” I mean, wouldn’t it be brilliant?

Besides, on any centralized service, you never know that they are actually running the published “open source” code and not a modified one.

For security, I would go to Matrix in a self hosted server.

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Too bad it does not have an F-droid Version. I would have installed otherwise.