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This link is mainly to show that when the western Big Pharma is resisting patent give up, Russia and China are reaping benefit. While the gov showed interest in Russian Vaccine they initially didn’t show interest for Chinese one because of no recommendation from WHO. Keep your patent or not, like E…

It’s secure but it leaks way too much metadata, so not really private but alright security

It’s publicly funded, so even if next pandemic comes they will still make vaccine.

Just use the web version! When you get a zoom link after clicking on the join meeting once, a link will come at the bottom “Open in browser”

Payment data? Come on!

No, it was just that people these days are so engrossed in social media, I realize it’s all manufactured want. I actually don’t need to know what others are doing if I don’t care about them, I actually can’t affect other countries socio-economic condition by watching news. People are just so engrossed in these stuff we actually aren’t getting anything done. I vented at the wrong time. But I really wish people understand these danger, maybe even a mandatory psychology education in addition to science, arts might be the solution or maybe not.

Sorry. The best way to get IRL people into fediverse is choose a instance for them and share your (curated) follow list with them. Then you may encourage them with hey there’s this social media with chronological orders and strictly follow only lists. Try it out! Also most clients are absoulutely tracking free. So, you only share what you want. etc etc. Most importantly encourage not force them.

Look social media from whoever can never fulfill real life relations. After you use fediverse and see all the features, you realize all the social media is garbage and you actually have to talk to real people not semi talk, semi broadcasting as social media.

They do sell a system, French and German military uses that system.

You need to deny access to contact at first. After registering go in settings and turn off contact discovery then you can allow contacts without phone number issue.

Also joining groups will expose phone number!

Android builds are reproducible builds(download from website). As such I can be sure I get what it says, as for US jurisdiction I think it has been published extensively that they were only able to give account creation and deletion date.

It also lacks Bangla keyboard so that’s that.