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I think in the future I want to be doing something based in the humanities that actually will help people too; not all theory for example sociological research that could help communities with problems.

I was actually thinking that since programming is more practical amd experienced based that it would be better to learn on the side as a hobby, because from what I have experienced a-levels are quite academic therefore I might pick subjecs that are academic at a-level and practical things I will teach myself.

Thank you for the well structured reply :)

Thank you poVoq that is actually a really good point i hadn’t considered i dont want to become disinterested with my interests by doing them at college.

What should I do for a-levels?

I am struggling to decide what subjects I should pick for a-level (ap’s in the US), I habe loads of interests including computer programming, cyber-security, philosophy, politics, maths, siciology, psychology, music and film but I cannot pick just a few with the a-levels. I am already half way throu…