I like cats :)

Working on lemmur with @krawieck@lemmy.ml

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refresh the repos maybe? I’m not sure how to force F-Droid to check for updates. It shows correctly 0.4.2 on the web: https://f-droid.org/packages/com.krawieck.lemmur/

New community: Cubing

Community revolving around cubing - the activity of solving Rubik’s-cube like puzzles on time or just for fun…

I’m very happy to hear that!

but lacks a lot of QoL features.

lack functionalities

In case of any feature requests/bug reports I invite y’all to post about them in !lemmur@lemmy.ml, we translate them into trackable tasks for development so we will eventually get to those :)

My favorite extensions are the ones that remove annoying overlays: hide top bar and pixel saver

Dickbars, I like that, I’ll start using it

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We went ahead and sent a cease and desist to this company. The animal lemur is a registered trademark of lemmur inc. and such blatant ripoffs will not be accepted.

I’m pretty sure Lemmy adheres to semver (which is a popular versioning scheme). As the name suggests, versions are “semantic”, so they convey a meaning: the 1.0.0 release will be the one where Lemmy can be called stable, afaik this is still far ahead.

so Lemmur assumes “oh, they must be posting on a sopuli instance too”

Actually no, we take the origin host of the post and display that. I think we misunderstood what origin host in the API actually indicates, I will have to investigate. This misunderstanding might manifest itself in more places

This post seems to be originally from the sopuli instance: https://sopuli.xyz/post/3203, so lemmur displays the origin instance host. Isn’t that the expected behavior?

We had a similar idea in lemmur, though we were thinking about the bias it causes rather than the anxiety. But of course anxiety about scores is also a very valid reason to hide them. Therefore we will hold off with implementing it and wait for the official user setting to appear :)

Been using croc for some time now, it’s great. Especially useful for transferring files between my pc and my laptop

We are working on it right now, it will be soon on on the test appstore channel

links won’t open at all

Android 11 issue, fixed already.

something is up with the time zones

UTC parsing issue, fixed already.

then the comment gets sent twice

Are you sure?

if you wouldn’t mind you could make an issue on github or post on !lemmur with this list :)

yeah we are aware the AMOLED mode has many contrast issues, we implemented it the most lazy way possible just so it exists but we plan to improve it

We have started the works on ‘live’ updating. So hopefully in the future the reverse will be possible in lemmur