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Thanks, I’ll correct these.

We don’t have community or user blocks yet. In the meantime, just set Subscribed as your default view.

I think it’s supported but not turned on by default. At least when I tried conversations recently it was not default in one on ones, and not available at all in group chats.

Lemmy, this needs back end changes too.

Its extra funny because redditors will definitely have a superiority complex about it. Look at those lemmings, all unthinkingly upvoting each other, unlike me, a profound and insightful redditor.

Could you open up an issue for this in the github? Thanks.

If you want to change the front end, that’s up to you.

No one:

Signal: Hey, how about we make a cryptocurrency and embed it in our chat app?

Hrm yep that’s a bug, probably in lemmy-ui. I’ll add it.

Should be good now, sorry about that.

I found a bug with my deploy script, I’m fixing it now.

I also notice that the docker-compose file still points to the lemmy-ui 0.9.9 - should I build using that version, or should I upgrade my UI image to the 10.0.1?

Sorry, they should be identical. We’ll have this fixed soon. 0.10.0 is the correct version, although sometime within a few hours we’ll do a deploy for 0.10.2 which should have a few more fixes.

I do this, using symlinks. So my ~/Videos, Pictures , etc point to syncthing folders on my external HDs.

I do like the idea of smaller, community-focused instances. It puts less of a burden on this one, and makes sense for things like city, country, or language instances, or political communities, etc.

For the “Communities” browser, I think it’d help to include some communties from those sorts of themed instances, and add tag filters.

We do have the federated communities show up both in search, and on the communities page, but we do need to add some more filtering for it.

Also have the default front page be on the “Federated” tab.

This one I’m against tho, especially as the lemmyverse grows, and a lot more instances use open federation, the federated timeline will be full of as much noise as mastodon’s is. The default view when someone goes to your instance, should be the curated local posts.

Okay, we’ve got you added!

Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-19

@nutomic: …

New community announceent: !libgen

A community for the modern day library of alexandria: …

A patch release today with the following changes: …

Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-05

We documented most of the work we did in this recent v0.9.4 Release, so that’s also copied here: …

Free Talk / Chat.

An open chat. Recent comments on the right —>…