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Raspberry pi is a big name nowadays (Raspberry pi products are not completely open source btw) so I can imagine they have no need to charge a lot more for their products. A quick search for keyboards at local shops here shows several keyboards of over 300 Euros and even one over 400 Euros and not just for Apple but also PCs.

Yes, I meant like Matrix as in also bridging between different protocols. Thanks for sharing the Spectrum IM link !

FingerList | F-Droid

FingerList displays the finger results of your friends and their servers in a list. Just add their finger addresses and see their status. Add a server address and see who’s online. …

Interesting, looks like a light weight Matrix server. The project seems dormant though, zero public people and no activity this year.

Nice to see they have a a text-based user interface client in Beta…

Neat. And hopefully a next step in a world where one can easily buy a keyboard without Microsoft Windows keys.

Qt Quick is a framework for Qt, the name probably implies that for programmers it will be easy to build applications. But that does not imply automatically that the resulting programs will be faster than other programs coded in Qt without using Qt Quick. I guess the article author believed that the latter is true though.

Brave head to head ;) (Person in the metro : “Did you see the headlines on Lemmy today ?” Other person : “What about it ?” First person : “It is all about Brave !”)

I’d like to see climate crisis end so animals and humans can live in peace again with the ecology system rather than a few humans moving to Mars before the giant meltdown would happen.

Hmm.That makes it different from Tox.chat then, which can run via Tor.

I’ve tried Jami (and formerly Ring.cx) from time to time through the years. Happy to hear about recent user experiences by others.

Very nice. If you want to read some more about the new changes as well see Jami blog news entries : https://jami.net/tag/blog/

Recent software is a huge blunder to use ? ;)

Log in via ssh, use sudo or su, and the “halt” command. I guess you can also safely reboot (and then pull the plug) or shut it down from the Yunohost admin login. Relocate it and power it on.

Maybe you don’t need it but there are likely people in war areas or very poor areas who are non geeks and need or want to communicate encrypted with others. Also non geeks in a team in an organization can work together like this. Services like Tutanota and Protonmail can be a plus in networks where IMAP is blocked.

Speaking for myself : When posting Gemini links I’ve picked up the habit of posting a portal link, and then mention the Gemini link in the text body. I would not want people to click on Gemini links if they have no idea about it and would give errors in their regular browser.

You can work on less tracking but it will be difficult to avoid tracking all together. If you must use things like Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp you can do so on the desktop, without giving it location access. For smart phones you can opt for LineageOS which has no location support on by default. Buy a usb ethernet adapter and you can omit WiFi and GSM if your smart phone OS does support ethernet. Get a dumbphone for phoning and sms so your smart phone can be on airplane mode when you don’t use it, and you can save its battery. Use a VPN subscription. Use the Facebook container add-on in Firefox.