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can’t afford high-end secured encrypted hardware/sofrware

yeah, i’d like three high end premium encryptions please 🤗

wouldn’t this create an enormous potential for abuse?

and even with such a capability, objectively classifying things as insufficient and/or clickbait is impossible, imo clickbait titles just naturally tend to be downvoted by users and usually this is going to be mentioned in like the first comment under the post…

i don’t think this is necessarily an indication of the trend i described

if anything, things being more spoiled means that they are not as optimized for transport, and as such, closer to their tasty and original variants, or this could be something as simple as an inefficient supply chain, or the trend that /u/poVoq mentioned in their comment

Has anyone else noticed how fruits and vegetables have been getting consistently worse over time?

we have a small community garden in which we grow some fruits and vegetables in the summer, including tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, apples etc, some of these plant species are many decades old and they taste amazing …

yes, you can format it using dd, but you’d have to manually partition it and install the file system etc

may i then recommend balena etcher for burning os images, it has a nice gui, worked perfectly every time i used it

and for formatting maybe gparted

both are very popular, and should be in the official repos of your os :)

it’s commonly used utility

burning an os image to a usb is as simple as sudo dd if=/path/to/input.iso of=/dev/? status=progress

where /path/to/input.iso is a full path to the location of the os image, and /dev/? is the usb device you’re writing to (you can find it using the lsblk command, and status=progress is to just see the progress bar

be careful tho, if you enter a wrong drive in the destination, you can erase your os or whatever there is, which is why the utility is sometimes called disk destroyer :)

i haven’t used orbitdb yet, so i’m not sure what state it is in exactly

but this depends on what your application for it is and what you’re trying to replace with it, just like ipfs itself can be pretty good for certain purposes, but still be lacking in certain things like dynamic websites or streaming

i would recommend asking on their gitter

i’m not sure what concretely do you mean by that…

it’s still new, as ipfs iself is, but it’s already used by multiple applications to different degrees of success

banning illegal content and getting rid of undesirable platforms is an intertwined effort for them

i’m not saying that twitter is innocent of course here, but giving the benefit of doubt to roskomnadzor and the russian government in general is the last thing i would do, especially given their track record regarding internet censorship…

the lawfulness of content is not the issue here, they don’t care really, only using it as a somewhat legitimate excuse to shut down platforms that are used by their political opponents

you can set up a mastodon instance with the strictest moderation possible checking every post against every law, but if you get significant traction with political opposition, you will get noticed and they will try to shut you down, regardless of legality of content there

they can always just appeal to one of the many very broad laws regarding content on the internet, or if for whatever reason that doesn’t work just pass a brand new law specifically for that, as they control the majority in the state duma (a law making organ)

this is an interesting development

russia does have a large problem of most of discourse concentrated around either state run or state controlled social medias like vkontakte, yandex, odnoklassniki etc

The censorship-instigated migration brought also some prominent members of Russian blogging community

does anyone know of any particular examples?

iOS devices

i’m intrigued

not that i don’t care about android, but that making something that works with iOS is typically more of a challenge, because of these devices don’t support loading unsigned kernels…

google doesn’t exactly have the best track record for these types of “mistakes”, prime example being little “accidents” with firefox and other similar examples

this is not to say that automated accidents don’t happen, but that now every time something like this happens people are much less likely to trust that it was an honest accident

Has anyone else noticed how it's getting progressively more difficult to browse reddit?

The clumsiness of the redesign aside, I’ve noticed that the experience on mobile is getting progressively worse as time goes on. …