Lemmy is booming

I have never before received so many reactions and comments on my Lemmy posts before, so it’s obvious to see, that there are many new members here.
Welcome to all the new! And I’m looking forward to see more of you here.

  • @m532@lemmy.ml
    01 year ago

    They are not cultists. There are more people from outside the anglosphere there so you might find them strange but try talking to them, they are normal people.

    • @Parsnip8904@beehaw.org
      31 year ago

      It feels like you’ve basically not read anything I’ve written. You’d be glad to know that I’m not in anglosphere and I don’t think people who believe in communism are cultists either.

      I’ve lived in one of the few places in the world where a communist leaning government has been elected on and off for many years and they haven’t gone down the authoritarian route but participated in democracy.

      None of that make the points I made invalid though.