It’s my, general, understanding that most people connect to the Internet through mobile apps.

If this is the case, then why have apps such as Remmel, Lemmur and jerboa taken a back seat?

IMHO, it would be a mistake to market Lemmy without these mobile apps functioning properly.

I have forked the three aforementioned mobile apps here and will try to ‘drum up’ support from developers wherever I can find them.

Please, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to me about this here, then send me a private message. Thank you.
2urte bat
In what way have they “taken a back seat?” Taken a back seat to what?

Taken a back seat to browser development.

And in what way does this manifest? They lack features that the web UI has? Why are you bringing it up here instead of filing tickets with mobile apps?

It seems silly to say they’ve “taken a back seat” when they’re entirely different pieces of software written by different individuals. It’s like saying that Chrome development is taking a back seat to DuckDuckGo. They’re different things entirely.

I don’t believe those client apps are built by the same folks as Lemmy…

They aren’t except for ‘jerboa’.

It’s a side project by a Lemmy developer, not an official part of Lemmy.

…therefore whether they “function properly” is purely a concern for their developers and users.

It’s a concern because most users connect to the Internet through mobile apps.

Lemmy is non-commercial and as such “the market” doesn’t work in the same way as an integrated product like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

I’m not addressing the differing world market systems. I’m addressing how most people connect to the Internet.

You seem to have confused and incorrect ideas about how the internet works.

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