If someone pitches you on a "great" Web3 project, ask them if it requires buying or selling crypto to do what they say it does. Sources and Further Reading https://web3isgoinggreat.com/ https://tante.cc/2021/12/17/the-third-web/ https://davidgerard.co.uk/blockchain/2021/03/11/nfts-crypto-grifters-try-to-scam-artists-again/ https://amycastor.com/2021/03/14/metakovan-the-mystery-beeple-art-buyer-and-his-nft-defi-scheme/ https://www.stephendiehl.com/blog/crypto-absurd.html https://blog.mollywhite.net/blockchains-are-not-what-they-say/ https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2021/11/who-goes-crypto-eth-bitcoin-etc-financialization-gamestop-class-wealth/ https://twitter.com/davetroy/status/1478017698676228099?s=20 https://davidgolumbia.medium.com/cryptocurrency-is-garbage-so-is-blockchain-3e80078e77fe https://marker.medium.com/fintech-is-a-scam-a-listicle-in-eight-parts-7b6161f3a35a https://naavik.co/business-breakdowns/axie-infinity/#axie-decon= https://www.gawker.com/culture/the-future-is-useless-expensive https://twitter.com/NFTtheft https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/04/nfts-werent-supposed-end-like/618488/ https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-11-05-baseless-nft-hype-hits-a-crescendo-but-its-play-to-earn-thats-worth-watching-opinion https://www.technollama.co.uk/platform-is-law-the-cautionary-tale-of-stolen-nfts https://davidgerard.co.uk/blockchain/2021/02/12/libra-shrugged-chapter-6-banking-the-unbanked/ https://twitter.com/Bitfinexed Written and performed by Dan Olson Crowdfunding: https://www.patreon.com/foldablehuman Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoldableHuman 00:00:00 Preface 00:01:12 0. In 2008 The Economy Collapsed 00:07:09 1. Bitcoin 00:18:18 2. Ethereum 00:24:34 3. The Machine 00:39:07 4. NFTs Exist To Get You To Buy Crypto 00:57:54 5. The Unbearable Cringe Of Crypto 01:11:46 6. A Self-Organizing High Control Group 01:16:57 7. Crypto Reality 01:25:36 8. There Is No Privacy On The Chain 01:32:52 9. If This "Looks Like Scam" Then Every NFT Room I'm In Looks Like Scam LOL 01:38:29 10. Play To Earn Exists To Get You To Buy Crypto 01:46:39 11. We're All Gonna Make It And By "We" I Mean "Us" Not You 01:56:08 12. DAOs Exist To Get You To Buy Crypto 02:13:21 13. I Know It's Rigged, But It's The Only Game In Town

It’s long, but well divided into sections and worth every second of it.

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you mean scalable?

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