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Somewhere to upload all your mainstream social media memes where they can give us our dopamine fix and not bother the rest of lemmy. ICON [https://unsplash.com/photos/b3NaswrROkI] - BANNER [https://unsplash.com/photos/liak2l9DQiQ]

To repost old twitter screenshots, overly recycled memes, and other things typical of the mainstream social media.

Because I like lemmy more but it doesn’t give me that cheap potato chip dopamine fix that reddit does and I’m probably not alone.

But also I don’t wanna put my shitty capitalist memes in your regular meme feeds, I wanna keep them over here in quarantine for me and my fellow degenerates.

27 hilabete

I still want to handpick the memes to a certain extent. What I really wish I had was something like buffer where I could add like 10-20 of the best memes I find at a time, and have them post out every 4 hours or so to help people get a hint of that dopamine train they would normally get from a centralized social media but in a reduced amount to a) help taper off the increased dopamine tolerance they’ve developed and b) make using lemmy feel more or at least more comparably rewarding than opening whatever other app they’re conditioned to use at this time.

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