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**********************  Disclaimer *********************** Please keep in mind that doing development on a sealed device is MORE difficult, mostly because there is no access to the low-level debug interface that allows you to recover from mistakes. Read the wiki and join the chat if you have more questions about the limitations imposed. Pine64 and Pine Store are not responsible for any bricked devices due to flashed firmware. ** If you want to do development, buy a development kit. That too can be sealed if you are sure of its stability ** For more PineTime info, please visit wiki page at Features: BODY: Dimensions: 37.5mm x 40mm x 11mm Weight: 38 grams Build: Zinc Alloy and Plastic DISPLAY: Type: IPS capacitive touchscreen, RGB 65K colors Size: 1.3 inches Resolution: 240×240 pixels, 1:1 ratio PLATFORM: SoC: NORDIC Semiconductor nRF52832 CPU: 64MHz ARM Cortex-M4F MEMORY: Internal: 512KB Flash, 64KB RAM Additional: SPI NOR 4 MB Flash COMMUNICATION: Bluetooth 5 (including Low Energy) FEATURES: Sensors: Accelerometer, PPG Heart Rate Sensor Actuator: Vibrator BATTERY: Built-in LiPo 170-180mAh battery Charging: Proprietary 2pin 5V 500mA, USB type A plug
14 hilabete

Iirc the only minor problem is with waterproof. But it’s enough to close a hole which is used for the barometer (or another minor sensor, not sure which one) and it becomes waterproof.

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