Turning an Atari 2600 into a computer…

I just came across this interesting bit of computing history.

Back in 1982, there was a peripheral that turned an Atari 2600 into an (incredibly simple, ZX-81 level) home computer, including a keyboard, BASIC, and cadette support.

But the addon is/was incredibly rare, and there’s very little information about it online.

So it’s interesting to see there’s now a video up on YouTube profiling this device (known as a Spectravideo CompuMate) and how it works…


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  • AJ SadauskasOP
    8 months ago

    @Wintermute_BBS @Stege @technology @videogames @retrogaming Atari 400 was US$550 at launch, the 2600 was US$189.95 at launch.

    Hypothetically, had they managed to get a price point at somewhere close to US$200-$250 for a version with a chiclet keyboard, tape connector and BASIC, that would have opened up an even lower lower-end market than the 400.

    It very much would have been aiming for that ZX-81 end of the market.