So me and my team planning to run our lemmy instance, but i was thinking what cam make lemmy complete at the same time respects the privacy of the users.

I need to know the below: 1- Best alternative to Cloudflare. 2- Best alternative to Google analytics. 3- “Recommend use to support lemmy to work properly”

I hear a lot about cloudflare on lemmy, users sounds unhappy with it for many reasons, so its very important to me to how we can replace cloudflare when we launch our instance.
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I don’t self host but this is what I have seen people using.

Bunny CDN instead of cloudflare

Plausible Analytics - Google Analytics

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What do you need cloudflare for?

Here’s some analytics alternatives:

Aode (He/They)
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Lemmy and pict-rs support optionally exporting opentelemetry spans, and setting up Jaeger to capture those is a nice way to manage traces without shipping data to third parties

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