Swiss messenger app fined under Russian anti-terror law
A Moscow court has fined the messenger service Threema €14,200 (CHF14,363) for refusing to share user data with Russian authorities.

A Moscow court has fined the messenger service Threema €14,200 (CHF14,363) for refusing to share user data with Russian authorities under a domestic anti-terror law.

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The real question for anybody living in the west is whether they share user data with western intelligence agencies.

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Telegram is officially head-quartered in London and has their operational centre in Dubai. Just the founder is originally from Russia. Edit: looks like the original article doesn’t claim it to be Russian?

Cheap PR stunt to claim it is Russian and also to not cooperate with Russian authorities under the current circumstances.
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The title is weird yeah, I really think telegram is a joke but it isn’t a Russian messaging app

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Part about Telegram was just a quote from the article focusing on Threema, which it states as Swiss.

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