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I was literally just saying Lemmy could use pronoun tags

if you’re on PC you can hover your mouse over their user, and the link preview thingy that most browsers have in the bottom left corner of the screen will tell you the username and the instance they’re using.

edit; i forgot, hovering also gives you a preview from lemmy itself of their user.

And the US supreme court moving in favour of the corporations when people who claimed to be ex-child slaves on chocolate plantations in the Ivory Coast accused Nestle of using child slavery.

Americans: “we defend human rights overseas. Slavery is a horrible thing that needs to be ended at all costs!”

Also Americans: supports the invasion of Libya, which resulted in slavery being relegalized. Support sex slaver regimes in the Middle East and Africa. Supports regimes that still use chattel slavery

I feel like your reasoning to disregard me is flawed at best. It doesn’t matter if my account is from or, that’s why we federate, so instances can participate with each other’s content.

As well, my comment was asking for more information because “is approving war on Ukraine” isn’t enough information for people to know what exactly you want to be answered. Do you want to know how the community on feels about the war? do you want to know the official admin/dev stance on the war? Are you wanting to know if people are supportive of the war itself, or a faction of the war? Is the inverse of that question what you want, to know if people are against the war in its entirety, or just against a faction? You didn’t clarify that at all. Also the body text “Should it be shut down a few months if it is ?” is nonsensical. What do you mean by “shut down”, why would you think it needed to be “shut down”? Again, not enough information for an answer.

This post likely did poorly because you didn’t provide the information people need to know what you needed from them, my comment getting 5 upvotes (that are visible to me, sometimes federation is weird about not showing votes. also with mine subtracted from the total) proves that people agreed that you failed to provide information.

hello yes, police? I’ve just witnessed a pun crime.

What exactly are you asking? because what you’ve written doesn’t really provide enough information for anyone to really know what you want answered.

I always tip as much as I possibly can when I order from UberEats (or any of the other services), I’ve been looking at UberEats for a while as a possible way of making a little money while I’m out of work. You’re meant to make a delivery fee for every delivery made, plus the tips. But that fee is just like 4 or so dollars, not enough to even cover gas.

Tip your waiters, but more importantly, tip your delivery service driver too. Tip them handsomely. Tip more than a fair amount. They really need it.

One of the worst parts of Reddit is the hundreds of reposts you’d see over and over and over and over, that were only reposted because someone saw that it got a lot of upvotes previously. Or the posts that were only posted because the OP wants some sensationalism upvotes.

Then you’ve also got subs that require a certain karma threshold to post, users to bully other users for having low karma, etc. Just a pain in the ass all around, that gets addictive because “imaginary number go up, that mean people like me”.

The karma system’s probably, at least in my opinion, one of the biggest things that ruined Reddit.

You know, when I asked for a guillotine, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

(is it okay to joke about this? hopefully it is, if not then I apologize)

it feels like too much effort for one person to be doing, but if it is one person, then they’re far more pitiful than I assumed. seriously, can you imagine what a person who’d go through this much effort to accomplish nothing must be living like? It genuinely makes me sad for them to think about.

like, if it is one person, and they’re not just a 15 year old with a bunch of free time, I’ll be genuinely shocked. pitiful is a word I’ve already used in this comment, but it’s honestly the only nice word I can think of for that level of depravity.

You should probably find some active users to appoint as moderators, to reduce your workload.

Changing your user? no. I’m not even sure if the instance hosts can do that for you.

But you can change your display name on the settings tab. I do it often.

There have been studies published that say language learning after your 20s is exponentially harder, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just understand that it might take more time, and might not come as naturally to you as you’d hope.

If you’re able to learn your basics, enough to form simple sentences. You know, things like “Where is the bathroom?” “How much is this food?” “I like dogs” etc. You’ll be able to start immersing yourself in Spanish at your own pace. Studies show that immersion in a language is the easiest way to learn, so that’s my only real advice.

I’m trying to learn Spanish at the moment as well, I live in Texas in an area with a lot of Spanish speakers, and I’m hoping being able to speak Spanish will help me find work. So I know the struggle of learning this language too. Hell, I studied German for like 6 straight years and only got to a kindergarten level.

The Lemmy devs have already decided that karma is just a bottomless pit that just harms users mental health, so it’s highly doubtful we’d ever have a reputation system be introduced, as that’s literally the same thing.

Also, captchas can be preventative to people with certain disabilities, so introducing them (I believe it would be reintroducing, actually) would contradict Lemmy’s disability-inclusive culture. As well, email verification wouldn’t work for people who would prefer anonymity. And nefarious users could just use a spoof mail account, so the introduction of required email account verification would really only harm privacy-focused real users, and do nothing to prevent trolls. Also, while on the subject and though you didn’t mention it, we don’t ban IPs because some VPNs reuse them for multiple people. So banning the IP of a troll might also cause the ban of real users.

Yes, but only because I’m a hobby historian, and I think it would’ve been really cool to’ve existed during some of the periods I study. Though, being born in those times, it wouldn’t have been half as interesting. So if I could visit that would be a lot better, I could nerd out and fully appreciate not only the great historic value of being there, but also the great strides our society has taken since these times.

I’d like to go back to the victorian era, and spend a while studying trades.

I’d like to visit the late medieval period, to examine the social structures.

I’d like to go to pre-roman Europe and learn the languages, to get accounts from the people who actually lived there at the time. So we could use first-person accounts of these peoples, rather than the propagandist Roman ones.

as far as I know, and i’m no authority, most of the communities would be okay with it. Just plop it into the proper political community for what the subject matter is (if it’s a pro-socialist video, put it in c/socialism, if it’s about the United States put it in c/unitedstates (or whatever that one’s url is, i don’t feel like looking rn) etc.).

Yeah, i’m talking about Liu Xiaobo, I looked at the wiki to make sure my information was (as far as wikipedia is concerned) correct. he essentially got the prize for being arrested by Chinese officials, after being loudly anti-CCP. But his career as an activist has amounted to practically nothing, aside from being a mouthpiece for the west.

Pretty much all of the peace prize laureates are of white western origin, serve white western goals, or appease white western audiences. There are some outliers to that, of course, and especially in recent years, but all in all the prize mostly serves as a means of legitimizing western geopolitical goals. Hell, they gave Gorbachev one when he dissolved the USSR, an event that caused millions of deaths, multiple civil wars, famine, economic collapse, and generally the opposite of peace. They gave Obama one, pretty much just for being the first black president. The next year they gave one to an anti-communist activist no one in the west had heard of, who also never in his career achieved anything of note.

I’m in full support of the Nobel prizes for sciences and literature, but the peace prize is just a propagandist joke.

many anti-imperialist groups have used nationalism as a tool to radicalize the masses of their country against their imperialist overlord. Though, they usually define nationalism as the belief in their nation and its people. Rather than the western definition, that being that a nation is better than another.

it seems to be mostly just westerners who see nationalism as inherently bad.

a part of me is dreading to see Lemmy get big. Keeping up with all of the posts is hard enough as it is.

But I am really happy it’s getting more popular, and it’s been a ride seeing it from the beginning to now.

I couldn’t even begin to calculate it. I have no idea how long it took to produce a lot of the stuff I use on a daily basis, and I don’t even know where to start.

Like, for instance, I drink a cup of tea every morning. I like black tea with sugar. In order for me to have tea in the morning in the first place, someone had to make the stove in my apartment, someone had to install it. A gasman had to hook it up to the gas system, and employees at the gas plant have to work to make sure the system has enough gas for not only my morning tea, but also everyone else’s cooking needs around the time that I made tea. Someone had to make the kettle I use, someone had to transport it to a store, then someone had to sell it to me. A plumber had to install the water system in my apartment, and hook the sink up to it. workers at the water plant have to filter the water and make sure that I have water during the same period when thousands of people in my area are taking showers, washing dishes, etc. A farmer had to grow the tea, over a course of months - do I count the months, or just the active working time? - and farmhands had to harvest it. Lipton then had to process, bag, package, and ship the tea to stores, where then a worker had to stock the shelves with the tea, and another had to sell said tea. I use primarily cane sugar, which means a farmer in South America planted the cane, tended to it, then harvested it. That cane was then transported to a processing centre where workers turned the raw cane into raw sugar, then separated the sugar to make it pure. Then that sugar needed to be transported - likely by boat - to the United States and shipped via trucks to the packaging plant, where the sugar is then put into a branded bag and shipped to stores, where again a worker had to stock the shelves, and an other had to sell the sugar to me. We’re already at potentially hundreds of hours of work, and we’re not even done yet. Next, I can’t just make hot tea in my hands, so I need a mug. which means workers had to dig the materials needed to make ceramics out of the ground, ship it to a processor to refine it, then ship the refined material to a mug maker. Who then shipped the mugs to get artwork put on them. Then shipped to a store, and again sold to me. Lastly, the spoon. Iron ore had to be mined from the ground, refined, shipped to a manufacturer, turned into a spoon, then shipped to the store where I bought it.

This is just one thing that takes me maybe 15 minutes a morning, constructed of only 4 core components (there are more in the process of making the parts, but this is already a book long comment) and it’s already impossible to really know how many total hours were required to make it possible for me to do. We could go into the hundreds of hours my breakfast would take to make possible, the hundreds of hours it would take to make my computer possible, etc. In a day, I probably consume thousands upon thousands of hours worth of labour.

I don’t really do coding, the bulk of my text editing is from changing values in games. Sublime Text is great for that.

I usually try to use cash, but the convenience of being able to use online banking (and the requirement many sites/services have for online banking) makes it difficult to only use cash.

I don’t make them because they feel silly. So instead I’m going to make improvements in my life when and where it feels natural, and hope I don’t die in the meantime, as I do every year.

What do you do for a living? I’m always fascinated to know.
in addition to that, did you choose your job or was it something you fell into? do you enjoy it? I wanna know all the neat lil details, this stuff is really cool to me.

I agree with you, but there is a wealth of valuable educational content on the platform. I’ve learned a lot about animals, ADHD, and gaming history on the app. I don’t visit the side of the app that gets spicy with the politics, so I can’t say how good the political discourse is on the app, but from the little bit that has made it to my FYP it seems decent enough.

If you’re looking for heavy-hitting, well-sourced content, TikTok isn’t the place to go. But if you want quick lil snippets of information, it’s a wonderful resource.

no, serious answer, I don’t celebrate Christmas, I so didn’t really get anything. But everything is quiet in the area of the city I live in, which is nice. So I guess I’ll claim that, a little peace and quiet.

this community is for asking questions, this post would be better off somewhere else.

Lemmy originally did have karma (i think we called it something else), but it was removed because it’s parasitic, so you don’t need to be afraid of that one coming back.

the two big things that would make me less as enthused about Lemmy, would be the removal of downvotes and making votes transparent (i.e. showing people who voted, and what they voted).

box trucks are great, I’m looking for one myself rn. They seem to have enough room to solve most of the issues that make vanlife an unlivable situation for me, which is great.

there are a lot of options, tbh. But really, as honest as can be, you could get any cheapo fifth-hand van from an online marketplace (eBay motors, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, etc.) and reno it into what you’re looking for.

Roof extensions exist, you can add a few feet to nearly any cheap van on the market. But - at least in my opinion - vans are just too small to have a decent bathroom/toilet so you might have to cut your losses if you’re going with a van and settle with a toilet that isn’t perfectly what you’re interested in and just get used to making due when you have to go number two. But from personal experience, there’s little worse than spending your entire day smelling the fat log you pushed out after your morning coffee while you’re too far from a dumping station for your brown water tank (or compost tank, or whatever). IMO onboard toilets NEED their own lil room with a door that shuts so you can isolate the potentially unhealthy smells from the rest of the vehicle - but that’s just my opinion on that matter, live ya life.

imo talking to fellow workers about how much the boss is paying, and a random stranger asking me what I do for a living while i’m just trying to buy glasses are two totally different things.

edit: also i should add that my trade is one that liberals have really strong opinions against (i was called a “baby killer” once for even just hinting at working with firearms) and I’m really fuckin’ sick of having to dance around the question when random people I’ve never seen before in my life randomly ask, even though there’s absolutely no reason for them to need to know. Once I was in the line at a walmart, a carton of eggs in hand, and an old lady came up to me and started asking me a fucktonne of weirdly specific questions. I’d really like if that was in some way prohibited behaviour, because fuck it feels like it should be.

I can’t think of many “minor” laws, because it’s hard to really define what “minor” is in this context. So forgive me if some of these are outside the scope of the question.

  • Strodes should be illegal and replaced with the most useful motorway for what’s needing to be achieved
  • The HOA should not be allowed to mandate the cutting of lawns
  • Zoning laws should be changed to make cities walkable
  • Suppressors should be fully legalized, and should be required by all shooting ranges within city limits.
  • Speed limits should be painted on the surface of the motorway every hundred or so feet, in large enough numbers that even people with poor eyesight can see them at a distance
  • Speed limits should be formalized, and greatly reduced within urban areas
  • It should be illegal to create unbroken concrete islands in urban areas
  • It should be legal for people to park a week or more in any large parking lot, and legal for people to live in their vehicles while doing so.
  • It should be illegal to ask a stranger what they do for a living, or how much they make.

It’s literally a post about Posadas, but okay.

Posadas was tortured until he lost his mind, please tell me how Posadism jokes aren’t ableism?