Btw I use Arch

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rss has free tier which is pretty good

Open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge
PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted / decrypted in the browser using 256bit AES in Galois Counter mode.

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I was missing auto export of contacts in cvs file in many FOSS contact manager apps. I came across this app, using it with syncthing is working like charm. Previously, I was using issue was that I could not restore backups.

“Librera PRO” is feature rich pdf viewer Collabra office feel slow on my device but it done my work specs of device

try collabra office download via Fdroid repo or play store

Available on Izzyondroid

Dt presenting freedom

works on artix

Are you using lemmur client ?

A new release of Hangover is now available for getting Wine up and running with cross-architecture support so you can enjoy the likes of Windows games and applications under 64-bit ARM and IBM POWER hardware on Linux. Hangover is the project that crafts Wine with a modified QEMU and other bits for allowing x86 32-bit and 64-bit Windows programs to run on alternative architectures under Linux. But before getting too excited, at this stage it still supports a limited number of real-world software packages and the architecture support is primarily focused on AArch64 and PPC64LE. While Linux is seemingly the primary focus, there is also some macOS support with Hangover too. Wednesday's release of Hangover 0.6.5 now allows for starting QEMU automatically if needed, is able to use the upstream libffi library, improves FLS support, NLS support is fixed, Mi ngw-w64 host builds are working on supported platforms, and a variety of other improvements. Source downloads and more information on this open-source project can be found via Hangover on GitHub.


Free minecraft Alternative for linux
Minetest is very good alternative to minecraft when you don't want to money to purchase minecraft. + It works on almost all operating systems including android. + It support Multiplayer. + Low spec system can run it. + Very good playerbase. + Many servers avaiable.