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NB: Can’t believe I had to register here with an e-mail address to comment about privacy…

Problem I have with searx is it does no regional searches at all - I just can’t find what I’m looking for in my own country. Results seem to be .com results. I see a Github issue was opened for that about 4 years ago and is still open.

I notice that DDG does allow users to set their search method to POST requests and support redirects to prevent search leakage. Partly the problem of browser and OS etc identity is our own browsers that are sending this info? DDG does do good regional search too.

So my big challenge is give me a metasearch engine that can at least do regional searches. For someone living in the US they probably don’t have a problem with “global” results, but outside the US we need results for locally in Botswana, South Africa, Egypt, etc and language is no good to filter on.