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On lemmy alone we have (not including the directly political and ML subs):

  • an anime memes sub
  • a 196 meme sub
  • music subs
  • gardening subs
  • paleo fauna
  • mental health sub
  • free chat
  • feminism
  • trans
  • veganism
  • General lgbt pride

And that’s just a selection of the ones I’m subbed to.

There’s so much variety and it only grows as people make them.

I remember your username getting banned for chatting shit and I bet this little “only 4 commenters” tirade you’re on is because those were the 4 who schooled you when you came in all anti-communist.

Plenty of people contribute and you lying and crying about it is pathetic. Your anti communism is showing and so is your ignorance to Marxism.

I love how the people in this thread with the biggest issues with lemmygrad specifically are the people who got banned for bigotry or racism in some form when they came over and chatted shit.

Make sure to slam the door on your way out otherwise people might not notice your little tantrum 😊

Lol that would be a bit too provocative me thinks.