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Gotta compete with tiktok since thats what all the young kids are using

Apple has been spying on users for years and now it is just out in the open. Remind your iPhone consumers in your life about the Apple privacy ads they hsd awhike back and how that was just marketing and not reality.

JMP is great. I wish more people started using XMPP however

Libreoffice is better but openoffice is better than microsoft office

Is it possible to not have your instance federated but allow a whitelist of users to access the instsnce from outside the instance?

Is there a library or command for registering an account on lemmy which can be used to register an account on an private instance? Lets say you payed to be in tier 2 of a group and tier 2 allows for a account on their private lemmy instance. Can it be setup so only paid users in tier 2 can have a lemmy account?

Best facebook fediverse platform?
What is the best facebook fediverse platform. I want something that is more private which you connect with friends and family. I know of Frendica and there is Minds which is not yet federated but is working on becoming federated.

What regexp filters are there?

Everyone who uses reddit should leave a signature in every single post or comment you make on reddit which says something along the line “Lemmy is the new Reddit” with a link to Lemmy itself. The signature may have to be placed all the time manually but that will spread the word.

Is Lemmy stable now? Or is it still alpha/beta software?

If Lemmy has Matrix IDs as an way to send messages, why not also add XMPP IDs also?

I could have an instance were registration is completely disables and only have the admin being able to create accounts?

Please share a github link to the private communities feature.

But it is possible to have a private instance were the instance cannot have contact to the federation or only allow selected users from the federation to view the instance?

XMPP already supports encrypted audio calls which can be used for game chats and encrypted messaging. Just need a XMPP client designed for gaming

Can Lemmy be used as a self hosted forum or forum that is connected to the fediverse?
Could lemmy be used as a private self hosted forum? And could lemmy be used as a private forum were only registered users and whitelisted users can view, post and comment on the instance. This way you can have a private instance which only paid users of your group or club can join like many membership website forums have.

Does lemmy have encrypted private messages?