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Sonic Frontiers. Didn’t want to pay full price for it and got it during the 20% off sale. Plays perfect on my Steam Deck and on my desktop and it’s basically Death Stranding meets Sonic. It’s so stupid, I love it.

Other than that picked up some other games on my wishlist like Metal Hellsinger.

I don’t think you’re disagreeing with the point the author made in their article.

It is, I believe Lenovo has the patent on it, and Dell/Toshiba either license the patent or have their own implementation to get around it. Unicomp used to ship a track-point like pointer on some of their keyboards but it’s not as smooth or accurate compared to the Thinkpad ones.

It’s listed as “medium difficulty” due to newer hardware in the laptop not being fully compatible with the kernel shipped in that old version of Ubuntu. I believe 22.04 is compatible out of the box.

I had to use a Debian sid nightly installer to set up Debian on my laptop, no big deal for me but for someone new to Linux I can see why that might be off-putting.

I haven’t used emacs for mail but I was a huge mutt user back in the day before I surrendered to using Outlook at work (employer blocks IMAP on our Exchange Online instance and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting it permitted for my personal mailbox). I’d check that out, the config is pretty easy and you can search github/gitlab for other people’s configs to get you started.

I had multiple mailboxes mapped to the function keys, F2 for primary mail, F3 for work, etc., it worked beautifully.

The author mentioned this at the end of the article, specifically around those counter examples you raised.

While there are cases where having a mouse would be useful, (Gaming, 3D Modeling, etc.) but for most people, with some change to their workflow, they can become completely obsolete.

Point releases, and only the long term stable ones for servers, rolling for desktops.

It’s always a struggle to get coworkers to use OneDrive’s version control for documents at work. Built in, you don’t have to do anything, and there’s still fifteen copies of the same document floating around.

If you want to use Debian with a rolling release, you should be using Sid and not Testing, namely because Testing is the next release’s branch and lags behind Sid at times. For security reasons either use Stable which has its security patches backported, or Sid where patches are provided as quickly as the package is put in the repo.

There’s arguments that Testing/Sid aren’t truly rolling because they’re frozen for several months when it’s near a final release of the next stable branch, but I’ve been using Sid on my main machines for almost a decade now, and it’s not something I really think about aside from once every two years.

If you disagree or agree, fine but keep the personal stuff out of it.

No, Lunduke needs to be purged from free software spaces. The dude’s entire schick is moving energy and attention that should be focused in projects and getting people excited on using free software into his goofy little cult of personality. He’s been a joke for over a decade trying to force his way in to Linux media