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Can I move it? Or do I have to start over? I’m new to this.

bummer I don’t think I’m “anti-communist” but I also don’t want my entire All Feed to be of a single subject. Sucks to be pigeonholed into a binary statement like that.

I guess this where being technically savvy is helpful. I don’t really want more things to manage in my life so I’ll check out a few of the other instances as well in case one fits better. However, having to join and rejoin instances is annoying.

how to block instances?
There are some Lemmy instances I'd rather not have on my All feed. I know I can block individual communities but can I block entire instances or do I need to host my own to do this?

How are they applying it? Any sources to this statement?

No one cares about your email until you try to speak it to them over the phone and they have to transcribe it… Think about how you’d deliver this

I’ve been eyeing nushell but it’s such a departure from posix that it just never sticks. How did you make the switch?

tl;dr write maintainable code and don’t prematurely optimize.