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Yes it can. This (among many other reasons) is why privacy matters. Even if you have noting to hide today, law can change and now data that is collected can be used against you.

a decentralised finance protocol that acts as an exchange, lost out to “the recent insolvency of two large centralised entities”

So what it says is:

  • we will spy on you and sell data collected to unknown third parties for our profit, or you can’t use the TV
  • you don’t own this product and we can take parts of it’s functionality away from you at any time for any reason
  • we will make more money off you by selling ads directly to your screen based on data that we have collected on you to maximize our profit and effect of advertisement on you and your family for our partners gain

No one could have predicted. /s

Now it is time for Europe to be able to make this core component of its economy and society.

GPUpocalypse is coming :) (when $15b worth of GPUs are dumped on second hand market duet to cryptocurrencies collapse or them not begin financially viable for mining any more)

Yeah, still the case. Even if ME is not made for malicious purposes, it is a very bad idea to begin with. It is only useful for enterprise customers and not in a way that would not have been possible before.

Some say that Netflix has a blob in ME :)

Good watch: https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-8782-intel_me_myths_and_reality

Well, I switched to Wayland (sway) exactly because mpv could not do vsync with X11. So I guess frame callback is how you get vsync working by default and client timing loop is how you get no vsync by default. And getting the other than the default thing is always a major hack - in last 20 years I wasted days trying to get X11 do proper vsync and it never really worked and probably will never do work.

Another think is that in one paragraph the complaint is that Xorg supports to many features and on another that Wayland is slow to adopt and requires justification for adding more features… so have cake and eat it too?

Also please don’t complain about missing features when you know they are not there just because the thing did not get all the development time the other thing did… unless stuff is broken by design/culture (like with the scale factor it seems).

“ERROR: [youtube] jXf04bhcjbg: Video unavailable. The uploader has not made this video available in your country”

Looks like the monopolies are acting fast :D


If you are interested in learning, check out SDF’s Plan9 bootcamp running from June 20th: https://sdf.org/plan9/

I recommend learning Plan9 as a therapy session. Also BSDs or Void Linux are a good way to run computers without most of the bloat.

Vodafone says TrustPid will assign each user “random numbers” reducing the risk of individuals being directly identified. Someone saying something like this should never be allowed near a computer, let alone driving a surveillance scheme… what a joke.

There were good reasons to think that silicon based electronics will have exponential advances (basically scaling down components makes them exponentially faster by default). Do we have similar physical properties of quantum computing tech? Perhaps silicon was special and now we are at the end of it with nothing that has this exponential property anymore to replace it.

Who needs the metaverse? We already live in virtual reality of brands. In the end it is just the same bunch of people in China with a label printer :D

BTW: Interesting documentary related to this: Shenzhen - The Silicon Valley of Hardware

  • Microsoft A: We have patched 47 privilege escalation vulnerabilities last month. How is Linux doing?
  • Microsoft B: Well… they have 2-3 per year.
  • Microsoft A: Hold my beer!

True, we could have stick with micro USB as well… but I always needed 3 attempts to plug the damn thing :D

The thing is that Apple is always breaking out with their own “standard” that is not better then the more “standard” (USB) one I guess.

Yes please. My phone has USB-C since 2016…

In June 2009, phone manufacturers agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU), agreeing to harmonise chargers for new models of data-enabled handsets, coming onto the market as of 2011.

Apple should be slapped, they are always the culprit here. Can we have something that will perpetuate this time? :D

Do you like Attack on Titan, the MCU, The Witcher, Doctor Who, Picard, and Wheel of Time? Too bad, because those are on six different platforms.

This is why piracy will never die. Even if you want to throw money on creators it just becomes unfeasible again. You will get people subscribed to 1-3 of these services and rest is torrent.

Nice thing about this backdoor is that it hooks into kernel functions so that its processes, file and network connections are never reported by kernel to userland tools making it invisible for the administrator.

> EU data protection authorities find that the consent popups that plagued Europeans for years are illegal. All data collected through them must be deleted. This decision impacts Google’s, Amazon’s and Microsoft’s online advertising businesses. > All data collected through the TCF must now be deleted by the more than 1,000 companies that pay IAB Europe to use the TCF. This includes Google’s, Amazon’s and Microsoft’s online advertising businesses.