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the one on the right is obviously god. Read a book

>ScummVM allows you to play classic graphic point-and-click adventure games, text adventure games, and RPGs, as long as you already have the game data files. ScummVM replaces the executable files shipped with the games, which means you can now play your favorite games on all your favorite devices.

firefox is one of the first things you see on the flathub homepage because it’s top of the popular apps along with spotify…

Just tried to load post via fosstodon and it presents itself as a link to the lemmy op rather than having it load as an interactive thread.

But at least friendica <–> lemmy communication works smoothly.

banned a user now have a permanent notification
banned a transphobe from /c/transgender and now it shows the [1] next to the bell permanently because I removed a slur filled comment and banned the commenter before marking the comment read

First they came for those inciting violence and bigotry and I said good fuck those guys.

Seriously though, your argument fails when we get into specifics into what’s being blocked.

a list of some f-droid apps I installed to get you started
Might be helpful to f-droid users to know what others are installing so here's some of mine. ## Web & email * [Fennec](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid) basically firefox for android with proprietary blobs removed * [K-9 Mail](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.fsck.k9) ## social networking apps * [Fedilab](https://f-droid.org/packages/fr.gouv.etalab.mastodon) to browse mastodon, find it's long press options really convenient for accounts across multiple instances. You can also use it for stuff like friendica but I find that awkward since it's still using a UI meant for twitter-likes. * [lemmur](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.krawieck.lemmur) for lemmy and [RedReader](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.quantumbadger.redreader) for Reddit ## media/document viewers * [NewPipe](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.schabi.newpipe) to stream youtube. * [AntennaPod](https://f-droid.org/packages/de.danoeh.antennapod) to subscribe and listen to podcasts * [VLC](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.videolan.vlc), the Swiss army knife of media playback. Can play pretty much any local file and supports streaming(IPTV and the like) via m3u files. * [Librera PRO](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.foobnix.pro.pdf.reader) for epubs, PDF, cbz ect ## Misc android utils * [AnySoftKeyboard](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.menny.android.anysoftkeyboard) virtual keyboard/ime with suggestions * [Apk Extractor](https://f-droid.org/packages/axp.tool.apkextractor) * [Aurora Store](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.aurora.store) to update webview * [G-Droid](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.gdroid.gdroid) an f-droid client with a UI I like and it supports reviews via a mastodon account. * [KDE Connect](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.kde.kdeconnect_tp) for various linux desktop integration things * [Lawnchair](https://f-droid.org/packages/ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah) is what I use as my home screen app * [Material Files](https://f-droid.org/packages/me.zhanghai.android.files) file manager, find it to be more stable than amaze and it can extract several varieties of tar.* files as well as compressing 7z/tar.xz/zip. * [RHVoice](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.github.olga_yakovleva.rhvoice.android) tts engine with English and Russian support and [TTS Util](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.danefinlay.ttsutil) which I can input text which RHVoice will use * [Termux](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.termux) terminal emulator with packages ## Games * [Shattered Pixel Dungeon](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.shatteredpixel.shatteredpixeldungeon) fun roguelike with cute graphics. * [Frozen Bubble](https://f-droid.org/packages/org.jfedor.frozenbubble) puzzle bubble like game with multiplayer support. * [Vector Pinball](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.dozingcatsoftware.bouncy) Post made using [List My Apps](https://f-droid.org/packages/de.onyxbits.listmyapps) and [Markor](https://f-droid.org/packages/net.gsantner.markor)

trying out replying to comments and it gives a little window with parent comment in it.