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This really sucks when you spent 45 minutes constructing a thorough reply.

Bad UX for replies
Sometimes when you hit reply, it doesn't save. Then you go on to do other things and everything you wrote is lost. Sometimes you have to hit reply 2,3 or even more times for it to actually do it. This is complete insanity and bad UX.

I’m not a gamer either, but I learned programming in the 80s from the people who built these types of games. Also I played them a little bit because I was a kid.

Although, technically, you could jump in the wall if you ever go between one of those columns.

Yeah they are different because you could exploit the game mechanics and box clipping. You can also double jump if you land a little short in the first one but it doesn’t work in the second one.

Let’s fix this with incremental reforms


I’m not familiar with pictrs and how it works, but software I wrote which contains thumbnails and full copies of every image on the fediverse along with fingerprints, full database metadata, etc, doesn’t take up even a tiny fraction of that space. So…

I think the reason they are considered similar is the usage of Double Ratchet encryption.

Other drugs such as dissociatives like ketamine are much less addictive. In

Or even cannabis. The OG of pain management. Cannabis is documented over 10 millennia before Aspirin. Who knows how long before that it was used. Before the oligarchs in USA conspired to eradicate it from earth in 18th, 19th and 20th century, it had significant biodiversity, who knows how many medicines were lost. But thanks to the many outlaws who continued to cultivate it in very diverse soils and climates, it is very diverse again. Still, the capitalist pharma companies can only think in terms of “what molecules can I patent and sell?” They reluctantly allowed the studies investigating whole-plant effects, marketing it as “entourage effect”, but this was only so they could patent formulae in much the same way.

I think my point here is just that we have to get away from the stupidity of the capitalist system before we advance.

Even with pain management in general I may have been a bit harsh on the doctors for believing lies. Their entire schooling is filled with capitalist lies, so they are trained to believe them. But that doesn’t mean innocence either.

There are courses in med school about pain management, reducing physical dependence and all that. Even if they are colored with pharmacorp propaganda, a good doctor should be able to filter out the bullshit.

Right? This is what always gets me about ‘public square’ arguments. We have that. It’s called the Internet. Corporate honeytraps are not anything special or unique, other than there’s billions of idiots dumb enough to get caught in them.

Pharmaceutical companies lied to doctors and patients about how addictive opioids are.

Every single opiod, from opium itself, to heroin, to morphine, etc. Has been promised to be non addictive. How many times can you believe the same lie before you hold some responsibility for the outcome?

Then, a series of studies concluded that many people are living with untreated chronic pain;

Which is still true. In fact, the reason for this is at least partly because of fear of addiction, so they too cautiously don’t treat pain at all.

But no one wants to admit, not doctors nor pharmaceutical companies, that medicine doesn’t have a viable solution to the most basic of medical problems.

Considering the sophist university system and the centuries of materialist bigoted psychological pseudoscience, I’d be surprised if it was a system even capable of churning out a rational humanist therapist.

The Ultimate gift for™

They want to make sure no one steals their genius idea. Where’s the rainbow nonbinary one?

All quantum stuff is tied together. You’d need to watch a dozen videos just to even cover all the different pieces.

Here’s a good starting point: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Be3HlA_9968

The term is traditionally mainly used for lead–acid batteries in the same form factor as automotive batteries; and contrasted with starter or ‘cranking’ automotive batteries designed to deliver only a small part of their capacity in a short, high-current burst for cranking the engine.

The term literally has no meaning outside of ancient internal combustion engines (not even modern ones). All batteries are presumed to be full discharge in modern times.

There’s aluminum air batteries, there’s solid state batteries, etc

Doesn’t have to be batteries either. In around 2017 a really promising flywheel was on the market, then suddenly disappeared, but not before data was published on the dark web. Most likely killed by a capitalist with competing battery investments.

There’s myriad of energy storage options. For you to focus on this one thing and think it means that sustainable tech is impossible is just illogical.

I hope you specifically refer to contemporary quantum physics here. Or do you actually believe that there is nothing scientific in quantum mechanics?

I often find myself agreeing with Sabine Hossenfelder. I don’t subscribe to quantum weirdness.

There’s plenty of rational explanations for “superposition”, observer effects, and so on.

You say deep cycle like a republican days deep state, what does that even mean to you?

I tried so hard to make it through this tripe. I made it all the way to “flying qubits.”

It never ceases to amaze me how hard quantum physicists try to fool themselves.

There is no actual science here. Nor fact. Nor increased understanding. Just bullshit.

I will say that the science journalism is better than usual though.

What do you think is the largest form of energy storage then?

WTF does that have to do with anything? You sound like an American capitalist with your BiGgEsT nUmBeR iS bEsTeSt. Oh sorry. GOAT is what it’s called. Did you really just GOAT me on energy technology?

I study and implement technology as a profession. It’s what I’ve done all day every day for almost 2 decades. I’d like to help you broaden your understanding, but you seem closed to that. You just seem to want to be right on the internet, and not actually examine things.

The kit from Amazon was merely used to illustrate how much money was being misallocated and all of the numbers were rounded way up. In actuality the cost would be much much lower. Also, you would want to use much newer technology and not the capitalist crap from Amazon.

Battery technology exists that doesn’t use Rare Earths and even wind turbines exist that use only ferrites on the order of 100s of grams and Iron is quite readily available.

You’re just plain wrong about pumped water storage. Not sure what convinced you of that but it’s just not true.

It’s also preposterous that every person has to figure out how to install and maintain it.

Average household usage doesn’t apply because the average house isn’t insulated and I already addressed that.

You’re wrong about battery lifetime as well.

Power poles can be toppled very easily and only one pole needs to go down for a whole region to be affected. Compare that to how hard it is to destroy a solar panel. To say “nothing is immune to weather” is just more bad faith arguing.

Talking about salaries is again more bad faith arguing because I was illustrating a less costly way, specifically.

Puerto Rico - a case study of terrible energy policy
Recently the US government has [announced](https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/the-us-has-a-plan-to-fix-puerto-ricos-dangerously-busted-energy-grid/ar-AATHUCX) that 12 billion in funds will be used to "modernize Puerto Rico's grid" with special attention to "their local economy", and complete with a promise of 100% renewable sources by 2050. Previously, due to provisions in disaster relief funding, they had said that they would only repair the existing coal and petroleum based grid and not allow funds to be used for any changes or upgrades. They also promise that somehow this "modern" grid magically won't go down with the next weather event or earthquake. So this is a win, right? Not so fast. Let's take a look at a different way for a moment. There are 1.44 million households in PR. A 1500 watt solar and wind hybrid energy system complete with battery and inverter is available on Amazon for $2000 retail. This is enough to power any home less than 1200 square feet, even if they aren't insulated. So for only about $3 billion, every single home can have their own individual "100% renewable" power system that can't be interrupted due to a weather event or earthquake. That's based on retail and not bulk pricing. For another $2 billion, every single house can be insulated, assuming none are currently, reducing the energy needs. For another $1 billion, each household can be provided with a heat pump, assuming none have air conditioning or heating currently. So for a total of $6 billion, half of what the grid would cost, every single home in PR can be retrofitted to be energy efficient and use 100% renewable energy. Tomorrow, not by 2050. Let's assume we can do the same for commerce and industry with the remaining $6 billion. Hell, even if it costs $20 billion, wouldn't that be better than another stupid grid?

Blocked users
I blocked a spam user but they still show up in my inbox. Update: a blocked user's direct message notification was not removed from my inbox. Comments were, so presumably this is a bug.

Shitty minimalist UX
On my new phone, OnePlus with Android 12, the incoming call UX is abysmal. There is a circle with a phone handset in the middle, with white chevrons indicating you can swipe up or down. Somehow you are supposed to guess that up means answer and down means decline. On my old android 11 phone at least there was a green icon for answer and red icon for decline, but it was still swipe left or right. What is it with these asshole interface designers who think that left/right or up/down has some universal meaning? Fuck these people.