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Honestly don’t get why the devs don’t just write some bots to auto clone content from reddit.

Yeah I think lack of content and engagement is a problem.

I agree in many ways with the politics of the devs but I think it means that lemmy instances generally attract a pretty narrow range of people. Want to talk politics and tech? Lemmy isn’t bad. Want to see cute pictures of cats? Not much here.

I think it also doesn’t help that the native app for it isn’t great. I can’t get jerboa to login and lemmur has some seriosy ux issues.

Important to distinguish between “do you own your body” and “ought you own your body?”.

Also “own” needs to be defined.

Plato thought that all apples got their essence from an eternal platonic magic Apple. I’d say he was pretty wrong on that.

I use vscode but one thing I like about atom is that you can theme it using normal css selectors. Vscode uses ui tokens for theming which is a lot more limited in what it can do.

I don’t want more right wingers to join because I don’t think they have much useful things to say (I think this as a former right winger) but I do think there is diversity beyond the left and right spectrum that would help lemmy some.

There’s not a lot of women here. There’s not much stuff related to hobbies outside of tech. Politics is heavily driven by the ML context of the broader lemmy community. I’d love to see some discussions of social democratic policy stuff, not because I think it’s better but because there’s only so many times you can listen to people rehash Das kapital in the comments. What about some MMT stuff? What about liquid democracy or people experimenting with holocracy etc?

Thanks. Not very easy to do from an app like lemmur I guess.

This grows the lemmy ecosystem by providing more content which is lacking.

How do I subscribe without signing up for a new account on that instance?

Yeah that’s what I thought. Oof I just want a nicer short username.

Does Mastodon have any plans for how usernames and old accounts get retired? I guess maybe that’s just left up to individual servers though.

Just a thought! I have changed my personal website location multiple times, but I have the same domain name each time. Do usernames@domainname.com change within the fediverse even if you change servers? like if I restart a server? If I start a new server years later and give it the same name as an old server but don’t move over the content, does it still appear on other servers that are federated up?

The more direct competition to telegram is signal imo. It has a limit of 1k users versus the like 30k in telegram but otherwise pretty feature parity.

Is it possible to change the name of my account?

I got it back in 2017 so I kinda want to keep it but the handle I sofned up with is kinda of lame.

Be basic. Go with Ubuntu.

Because maybe they aren’t two people.

Also telling people asking questions on the internet “we aren’t Google” is silly. How do you think answers to questions get on the internet? People ask them, other people answer them and then in the future when people Google it they can find other people asking that question and getting answers.

If you don’t have anything useful to add to the post don’t comment lole that.

Very exciting! I’ve heard vk is an alternative to Facebook. The only major federated Facebook alternative right now is friendica which is a little long in tooth.

Before the entire earth had been settled, a person could be a vagrant and simply go and live out in the wild. I could see this being acceptable if that’s what people want. Hermits have a long history in human society. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone I don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed the space they want to camp.

Lemmy.ml domain is blocked on facebook as spam
It makes it very hard to share lemmy and get more friends involved when I can't actually link the main instance :(

Any thoughts on how Solid could be used in the Fediverse?
Tim Berner Lee has been working on this project called Solid. I'm a technically minded designer but still a designer and I don't have a real solid grasp on what Solid does, other than as I understand it it's a protocol to allow a User to go from website to website and share their data while keeping it on their system... or something like that? Nextcloud recently announced Solid integration: https://nextcloud.com/blog/decentralize-the-cloud-with-fast-deployment-and-easy-backup/ Thoughts?