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I really, really hope Twitter collapses underneath Musk’s ego. The twitter migration to the fediverse has really brought a ton of people over. Maybe we can even do a Reddit->Lemmy migration in the future.

Really hope this helps the fediverse grow.

I’m not sure I understand how a privacy policy could apply to all instances. Genuinely curious.

It’s too late for them but I’d consider a paid ad-free/tracker-free social network if one were to exist.

Over the past 2 decades the FSF has become increasingly ineffective and out-of-touch and RMS is a big part of that. From reading recent stuff from FSF and RMS about this whole situation it seems clear to me that they’d both prefer that everyone go back to begrudgingly putting up with his poor behavior so that he can travel and give talks.

Seems like this is just par for the course now on the internet. If lemmy ever gets big I’m sure someone will find an exploit to dump it’s data.

Reading a Gnome 40 review from someone who already doesn’t like Gnome is a little useless IMO. Yeah, it doesn’t follow a lot of old desktop paradigms that started back in the Windows 95 days. Get over it. If you want that style of desktop experience there are plenty of options.

The nofap community is so weird to me. There’s nothing inherently wrong with masturbation and abstaining from it does not grant you superpowers. The entire nofap culture seems rooted in pseudoscience and toxic masculinity. And I’m not trying to discount the struggle of people who develop unhealthy relationships with porn. That’s a real thing. But the nofap mentality is just replacing one destructive behavior with a different one.

I use fastmail and I like it. I use a custom domain with multiple aliases and it works well without issue.

I’d be interested in a study to see if car salespeople have higher rates of cancer than the general population since I’m assuming they spend more time in new cars than anyone else.