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  1. yes i know that gab was a fork of mastadon that turn off federation
  2. i am european norway
  3. if you dosent want “hateful racist trolling dickhead” you can just block the instance.
  4. Yes i thing “You think a million disinformation zombies would be a good thing?” more users = more support for fediverse more apps etc. i dosent see it as a negative thing if the fediverse dosnt get any users(this is a great time for that, if TRUTH social adds fediration in it server) than i think the activatpub is just gonna be for some geeks.

s So what? The fediverse needs users or else nobody is gonna use the damn product I believe Gab / Minds and many other small social network should move over to fediverse. Conseravtive instance, Liberal instance thats the way to go.

is this a new game. i have heard of super tux and super tux kart