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Feels like this comment chain shouldnt have turned into China vs US…
I dont think its controversial to think that governement officials shouldnt have any form of social media on their government issued phones. Its insane that governements have worse digital practices than a lot of mid size businesses

In terms of aur clones theres some pretty young projects out there, check out MBR (makedeb repository) or Pacstall. Ive heard of them in passing but have never tried them out tho

Ever since ive made the switch to Sway on my laptop i have been completely unable to get the thing working again. I havent tried in a couple of months, but it was a known issue then

Not really the answer you were looking for, but ever since i started using soulseek for music, ive found a lot of stuff that i had never heard of and now love from browsing the files of people who have music that i like

Guild wars 2 and stardew valley when i have time

The person who can read minds has a clear advantage because they could also see the future, no?

Ive barely used Nix, so i cant be of more help than this, but IIRC the .desktop files are created elsewhere. Like inside the nix config folder or something like that

Been using the sponsorblock fork basically since it came out and they are generally about 1 day behind on updates

The bangs in searx are pretty damn good now. Thsts what kept me on duckduckgo a while but im really satisfied with searx

Id say stick to arch-based and try out EndeavourOS. IMO thats the one that should be pushed instead of manjaro even though i get why that is not the case. Also isnt your ubuntu problem just the file manager? As in its dolphin (or whatever the default is) doing that and not ubuntu as a whole. So you could go ubuntu and just get a different file manager

Well rip the reply, guess ill never know your take cause other people thought it was bad enough to delete

Would you mind expanding on what you mean by forcing Lgbtq+ values on people? My take is that lgbt people like to not be dehumanized. Thats not too controversial

Im not sure i understand the question… timeshift --delete lets you delete snapshots you dont want, if you’re looking to clean up. Otherwise in the GUI if you click on wizard, the setup screen pops up and you can adjust the amount of daily/weekly/monthly/etc. Snapshots that you want to keep