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You vote with your dollars, and if you care what Apple is doing, you tell them.

Buy a non-Apple system, write to Apple, and let them know why you’re not longer purchasing Apple equipment.

It’s really simple, if you want companies to change, you stop giving them money (and you tell them why if you’re no longer doing so). Giving them money tells them they’re doing everything just right.

To clarify that comment - I handed lemmy.ca over to @smorks@lemmy.ca as I no longer have the time to run, maintain, and moderate it. The cost for me was negligible at this point - I had it sitting on a dedicated server that ran several other things.

Anyone want to take over lemmy.ca?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/49203 > Hi all, > > I'm going to be taking on a rather large change of life in the very near future, and I'm having to dump a bunch of responsibilities and hobby-type things. > > This lemmy instance falls in to that category. I would love to see someone with the technical know-how volunteer to pick up the domain, this database, and host this somewhere, keeping continuity going. > > Anyone interested? > > Thanks!

Gentoo is one of my go-to’s that I come back to time and time again.

I don’t mind spending my time with Gentoo as one can have very stable systems with it (as per your choosing), and if one uses a half decent machine to do all the building, it can supply more lowly machines with a current repository of binary builds.

Yes, it has it’s headaches from time to time (similar to the mention above about Arch and what happens if you don’t update for some time), but nothing insurmountable.

I was never thrilled with Opensuse. I found regardless which flavour I was on, I had to enable so many extra repositories that it eventually turned in to a mess each time.

2 - Thanks for the clarification, I stand corrected!

One doesn’t need millions of users to have a healthy community, and if communities are built around being divisive hate machines, there’s no need to welcome them, they can stand alone as their own ignorant islands. You can’t force integration between sane society and the intolerant. The hateful intolerant have to be moderated and told to go piss up a tree.

Gab only turned off federation after it was clear they weren’t welcome anywhere.

I don’t disagree that growth of the fediverse would be a good thing, but not in an unmoderated fashion. The example growth you give is a great example of the wrong way to get growth - nobody’s trying to re-create Twitter. The style? Sure. The content? Nope.

Does this really need explaining? You think a million disinformation zombies would be a good thing?

I guess you weren’t aware that Gab is a fork of Mastodon and was originally part of the fediverse until they were essentially locked out due to their crap?

You must be American, if you believe that conservatism vs liberalism is the same thing as hateful racist trolling dickhead vs. people who don’t want that in their lives.

The rest of the world (mostly) doesn’t live by this constant “red vs. blue” anger fest.

No, harassers don’t always stop - this is a very simplistic view of things. Just ‘buck up’ and all will be well, eh? Have I misinterpreted your comments, or do you also believe that people who are on employment insurance are just lazy?

No worries - I just wanted to let you know that the notifications were occurring. They probably shouldn’t and I will be checking on Lemmy issues about it. (Just filed #1925)

Heh, I used to be biased in favour of XMPP until I did the full switch. ;-)

I’ve more than my fill of XMPP experience since it was Jabber. Pretty completely done with it at this point - and my most recent experiences were still not great, and they’re within the past couple of years. My standpoint isn’t just from a user level, as well. Have run a few XMPP servers over the years.

Element, on the other hand, has really become an excellent client.

Personally I don’t think blocking is that important, because most of the time problems can be resolved in another way, like ignoring the messages.

Blocking is extremely important to personal safety. “Ignoring” isn’t appropriate advice to anyone who’s even been deluged with crap from a harasser.

I’m with 'ya - I was fully in to the XMPP ecosystem a few years ago and found the clients so incredibly frustrating (for a variety of feature implementation issues) that I had to dump it. XMPP isn’t for families, and from what you’re saying, not good for personal safety either.

I think your information on what matrix does with metadata is outdated or over-encompassing, or both. Is your knowledge on matrix up to date? (I’m asking honestly because I immediately went searching for what the current situation with matrix is, and most of what I find with regard to this was heavily worked on in 2019 and 2020 - maybe it’s still being worked on, but it doesn’t seem to be talked about much any longer).

It sounds like, for all practical purposes, Matrix should be plenty private. If one needs extreme levels of privacy, I don’t think you want to join an untrusted server, and definitely not join group chats. One couldn’t pretend to be cautious and do those things anyway.

On, on a complete side note - (and here I am doing an edit) - were you aware that every time you edit and submit, you may be sending out notification emails? I got a new email notification for each edit you made on yours.


Heh… Come see https://lemmy.ca/post/15834 it looks like there’s still some interesting federation bugs, as your comment still resides here undeleted.

What a megalomaniac.

I guess that’s not adding any new information…

Gee, I wonder if there’s an alternative to Apple products.

You want to make Apple users aware? Start charging $1000 to replace the screen.

Also, right to repair laws. Yesterday.

You can’t even trust Microsoft with their own operating system. They have never been trustworthy.

Yes, a couple of million disinformation zombies would be fantastic.

Updated Lemmur builds - 20210112
Howdy all, If you're interested in testing out Lemmur, one of the Lemmy clients, I've created a fresh set of builds from the github source code: https://lemmy.ca/dl/lemmur-arm64-release.apk https://lemmy.ca/dl/lemmur-armeabi-v7a-release.apk https://lemmy.ca/dl/lemmur-x86_64-release.apk These builds are use-at-your-own-risk - I've just recently provided them since I have everything setup to build and I've posted a previous build set on the Lemmy matrix chat, which seemed to go over quite well. I only have an arm64 device, and it installed and seems to be working just fine for me. Enjoy!

Hi all, I have been playing around with notes on getting Lemmy installed from scratch, without using docker or ansible. While these notes have worked for me, there's probably a million iterations of 'better' that could be done to them - I'd consider them a draft at this point. That said, I have used them to create each of Lemmy's components on lemmy.ca. If you do use these, I would recommend sticking to lemmy release versions as the developers state that are likely breaking changes to things like federation in between releases. Also, I'm aware that things like the init scripts need some further work - they're just a starting point for now. If interested, please go ahead and grab https://lemmy.ca/dl/lemmy-resources.tar.gz and have a look at the lemmy-setup-notes.txt file included. There's also example configs for the various component that require them and the aforementioned init scripts. I hope this is useful to someone!

Lemmy & small VPSes
Hi all! For those who are using a very small, limited-RAM VPS (smaller than 4GB), how are you finding keeping Lemmy up to date? I'm doing each component piecemeal, and on my 2GB RAM VPS I couldn't finish lemmy backend's cargo build, just too much RAM required even with 1.5GB of swap (VPS provider is really going to enjoy that, I'm sure) I did the production build on a machine at home and copied the lemmy_server over. Seems to be fine, but... rust or lemmy seem to have some massive resource requirements on the build.