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Brave won’t cause the downfall of Chrome. Google knows this and gladly would take money from Brave to advertise

they’re the market leaders because they were first, not because they’re the best.

The prevalent (wrong) idea that “it’s on Netflix, therefore is good” also misguided a lot of people into thinking Netflix was the only choice

not only that, DigiD requires activation by NFC scanning your id. If you have a phone without an NFC reader you’re out of luck.

Even tho I have a phone with a NFC reader, shit doesn’t work.

I have a little function for that

mkdirpushd () {
        mkdir -p ${1}
        pushd ${1}

Indeed, I have two accounts and none of them use my phone number as a 2FA

I always found it wild that Sim cards in Germany require registration and you have to video call a human and hold your photo id next to your face. Whereas in neighboring Netherlands you can grab free Sim cards in many stores, no questions asked