Demandeur d’asile après avoir perdu mon domicile glitch-social.

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Pretty heavy ideological discourse there…

Ever heard of alienation ?

@AgreeableLandscape It’s not.
DeBeers and oil cartel keep things in the ground, they don’t destroy them.


Not sure about what you mean by “just the possibility for lobbying doesn’t make any country automatically corrupted” ?
As Graeber puts it, it’s the peculiarity of the manager class’ centrism to consider that renaming bribery “lobbying” and making it legal solves the problem of corruption.

@varjolintu @ksynwa

I wouldn’t say “just”.
And indeed that may be the difference between actual marxists and tankies.


Oh, right.
But that’s why NoScript and uMatrix exist, isn’t it ?


I had it in French on a small poster when I was a teen, can’t say much more.

@Zerush @Ephera

That’s a problem with the Mozilla website, it has nothing to do with the Firefox browser ?

@vekku @tomasz

Well, that was exactly OUN-B’s analysis and response (with the same mistake about who’s the most evil and who’s the second most evil), and it didn’t pan out well…
I understand that having an ideological anti-OTAN stance in eastern Europe is politically inaudible now, but as Gandhi said, “worse than evil is justification of evil”.

@aspensmonster @personwithakeyboard

There’s also actual communism (workers’ collective ownership of the means of production, not its monopolization by a bureaucracy).
It’s tough to get, yes, since it’s fought tooth and nail both by capitalists and authoritarian “communists”, but it’s a possible choice.


Not sure about lemmy, but most of Fediverse tools are actually designed to take care of that…
Silence tankies instances by default (not block them, we don’t need to censor them, just keep their harassment away) and maybe individual tankies too.
Put a clear set of rules (well thought-of preferably) and enforce them with intelligence and coherence.



These “state capitalism” fanboys are actually exactly like the “private capitalism” fanboys : they rabidly defend a system bent on destroying everything including themselves, in the illusion that one day they’ll be one of the elite benefiting from it rather than the millions of proles exploited by it…


Yeah, having the ones who entirely destroyed the workers’ movement trying to come back surfing on the ignorance and desperation of young leftists is really disheartening…


What ?
Of course european water is chlorinated, like any public distribution water in the world afaik.



Worse, the tap water could have been fluoridated !


@Stoned_Ape @SrEstegosaurio

Actually if you tried distilled water, it tastes awful.
So taste of “waters” (which indeed can be excellent) is the taste of what in them is not water.


They still require to allow redirections to Amazon and use Google Analytics ?