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Does it run Osrs? Lol.

Games go black screen if you try running them with open drivers. This could be hard coded.

NVIDIA open source driver
Basic question: why are NVIDIA open drivers unable to run games? Is it unable to run complex commands too?

That worked. Still were using SSH to do it before though.

Yes, I found OrangeFox at GitLab - I guess we have TWRP at home, just like Mom says.

I used GitHub before, never needed a SSH key. Did some repo inits yesterday, as it is, and things went really smoothly for me.

But, you know, setting up a SSH key isn’t really that easy. I’ll see if I can do something about it, however.

GitHub’s ass
GitHub is not giving me way to init repo of TWRP. It's a public repository. Here's what it says: Downloading manifest from git@github.com:minimal-manifest-twrp/platform_manifest_twrp_aosp.git git@github.com: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. manifests: sleeping 4.0 seconds before retrying git@github.com: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. I'm so fucking blessed. I tried forking it, but no luck at all, GitHub doesn't want to give me way even in my own profile. Thoughts about it?

Firefox trusts Rust, I distrust Rust. It’s as simple as that.

Rapping is very good, it’s like an evolution of Soul.

We will definitely fuck things up, the Anthropocene should never be a thing.

Why would you want an Operating System to rule them all?

If Windows commands the Manufacturer boot menu, that’s really a problem.

Switching to Linux using the Mint installer shouldn’t be hard at all. Don’t try using Windows options to do it, duh.

You need to set the boot mode into your Flash Drive before rebooting - in my PC it’s the F2 key for boot menu.

If you don’t change the boot mode it will always boot into the default OS that came with the manufacturer.

Lasers, graphene - those will be expensive logic gates. Why not use other kinds of light?

You people should really respect sex.

They can try. Don’t know if these involuntary virgins will get way to fuck even paying for it.

Anyone knows the function of this miner? It's bundled together with libexec, and [this](https://man.archlinux.org/man/tracker-miner-fs-3.1.en) website says it's supposed to mine data from the filesystem. Does anyone know if this info stays here inside my PC?

Torch package
Torch package is weighing 750 Mb, does anybody know why is it so heavy?

Let’s hope open hardware advances quickly now. This quantum bottleneck should take care of things.

It would be lovely to have computer electronic equipment easily distributed - at least they wouldn’t cut off supply this way.

Are proprietary drivers on Linux a possible privacy breach?
I want to know how much privacy I'm losing by using proprietary drivers on Debian for gaming. Can anyone help? I would very much like to know that. Can proprietary drivers fetch my activity on other apps I'm running on my PC, or on the Internet? And so on. Thank you.

Cars and city objects will be connected to the Internet.

Treated like a criminal, for example, as in I can’t be trusted with deDRMd stuff because I’m presumed to have bad intentions with owning my hardware/data.

Rights over their ownership of hardware and more rights over ownership of data. So that spyware, adware and processor using is what they used to be: malware.

We can’t have people normalizing jacking into our computers just because it is connected to the Internet.

Soon, much more things will be connected to the Internet, which means much more control over our hardware - or companies basically treating us as a hostile country they want to suck on, by intrigue, spying and military action.

I don’t want to be treated like a criminal because I want to own my hardware, people can’t just force this giving status onto me, especially when it’s not fucking mutual: companies won’t move a centimeter into giving us ground and is basically sucking us ever more.

If they are going through with this “be giving” mentality, at least companies should adhere to it and have their resources sucked freely - I certainly have much less to give than a rich company who doesn’t care about me.

Cool, but I can’t help but to think: Unwanted tracking used to be spyware. Unwanted ads used to be adware. Unwanted processor usage is now cryptojacking. What if it is just something that “used to be” as well?

Well, Microsoft certainly doesn’t care if I want to own my data or my physical things.

Yes, but Microsoft owns over 70% of the market. Wouldn’t you expect those people to have some rights?

About Microsoft Azure
Is it possible that Microsoft is using the remaining power of my machine to power paid Microsoft Azure machines? How would we go about that, and how does that fit in modern day capitalism (you don't even own your own machine)?

20th century capitalism: You get what you paid for. 21th century capitalism: I don’t care if you paid for it.

Good topic to bring in. I was first introduced to this on Onimusha 3 - it’s been on the back of my mind since then. It’s fucked up for the current state of our world, but what’s not fucked up about it? So I think it’s worth talking about.

Like having a living being that can do shit for us.

I like the archiving one, it would be called “The Librarian”.

I don’t know if the article I posted is the same I read since it’s been some time. But the one I’ve read talked about babies finding “attractive” human females attractive.

Learned the existence of this through some redditor. That's what we produce. Think of this before you take things at face value, maybe it's just attractive.

This article is funny, by the way. I’ll post a funny article too.

I’ll never forget the early 2000’s “Why having psychopaths on businesses is good.” phase - we got lot of articles like this in that time.

Now this - while people get locked into psychiatric hospitals for smoking weed or simply being a nuisance at home.



If your family members think you’re acting crazy, beware! That’s reason enough to get you locked up.

If the State thinks you’re acting crazy - which is much more less likely, since it just doesn’t give a fuck about you - beware! Because that’s also reason to get you locked up.

And now psychopathy is not a mental disorder - this world is just fucked and can go fuck itself.

Community is very important, I’ll do what I can, but it doesn’t help that I’m a isolated friendless bastard. We all got to start somewhere.

Ok, but it’s different in the way that before you HAD to use these platforms, now you don’t have to. The transformative power free software had in me is that I saw a community where the priority isn’t making something that will please the market or that will be beneficial to everyone (as in, I make profit out of it giving you the boon of software applications). This community doesn’t care about that. Even if there are discussions about what kind of software would be good for society and companies, there are many applications that are out there because the devs think they should be.

Example: ots (open text summarizer) is FOSS and does the exact same thing that profit driven websites that summarize books and texts, with the difference that the profit driven ones reinforce that they are just doing it for the money or because they had a “brilliant” idea that needs to prosper, while ots is just there as a service to the community, something someone wanted to make that they thought would be useful.

Being introduced to this niche made me think: “Wow, this is actually possible.” and try to thrive in this context (as a programmer and as a servicer to society in general). I know community driven things comes before software or even computers, but this was what gave me release from thinking that everything must be profit driven. That’s what I meant by getting released from capitalist control - I don’t think profit is necessary anymore. It’s just a concept that mainstream media and overall political and corporate culture pushes on us daily to believe.

Heck, I’m going through my undergraduate course and every single professor talks about how profit and making software for profit is good. How the Big Tech companies are awesome. It’s hell, but it’s worth it.

Thank you for the feedback people. You make a good case for Fedora, as people have before - seems to be a good distro.

I was inspired to ask this because of the browser privacy article someone made. It made clear which browsers are private and which are not, and that’s good. I just hoped something would come along that would give me a guaranteed smooth Linux experience, as Firefox user profiles and Falkon do for privacy.

People complain about system problems after updating on the Manjaro forums. I don’t think I’m the only one having these problems.

I installed some things on AUR, but I don’t think I went too obscure. The most obscure things I downloaded were Debtap and text to speech programs. I also installed some bash programs.

I don’t play a lot of games. I dual boot with windows to run windows exclusive software and Elder Scrolls Online

I’m still learning programming and I don’t make big tweaks to the system. I avoid Windows because it’s proprietary and invasive.

I would rather have things working. I downgrade many software I use.

I only saw XFCE in videos. Ubuntu is Gnome, right? I prefer KDE.

I prefer a GUI for some and a terminal for others. CLI programs are good and simpler to run on a terminal, but doing stuff that require lots of arguments can get messy and mess things up too.


Distro recommendation
I'm having problems with Manjaro again, always after those big updates. Anyway, I'm moving from Manjaro since it seems it will not work (authorization isn't working properly). I already tried Ubuntu before (used it for 3 months), but moved on since file management in Ubuntu is pretty bad (had to use terminal to copy files and format drives because system wouldn't recognize me as administrator). I've been using Manjaro for 4 months and it's really good, the update problems ruin it. Anyway, I was thinking of moving on to something like Linux Mint, Debian or Fedora. I wanted something with support and with people that care for the code. What do you guys suggest? I ask because I don't want to encounter another distro changing problem with my next distro.


I don’t think SeaMonkey is mentioned though.

Someone published a post about private oriented web browsers and how they’re rated not long ago.

I just thought about all the Linux distros out there that protect your privacy in certain ways, out of the reaches from Big Tech control. If we can own this, we can own a lot of other things too. Open hardware moves like RISCV and open projects like the Open Book and Koreader show that it is possible to actually own these means. Open source shows, at least to me, for the first time, that it is possible to own these things without going through capitalism. We got also the social medias, the fediverse and a lot of protocols. We are not into the early stage of this - it got some maturity to it.

I don’t see the capitalist control in my life anymore, and this is thanks to these things. Of course there are capitalist rules out there - but I must say, for myself, that I see an actual fighting chance.

Do you guys know a Twitter frontend besides Nitter?
Nitter is fine, but I want to login and make comments on Twitter, and the pages feed element is blocked for me. I need an alternative. Thank you.

Big claims inbound. Quantum computing challenging reality as we know it.

Sci-hub link to post article: https://sci-hub.se/https://doi.org/10.1126/science.195.4283.1186

Great talk about the status of Open Source. It starts off by talking about a developer leaving an open source project.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/146221 > tl;dr Mozilla is starting a new study through their [Rally platform](https://rally.mozilla.org/) about trying to better understand Facebook's pixel tracking. > > If you can and are willing to help, install the Rally extension and join the Facebook Pixel Hunt study. Addition: I wouldn't trust Mozilla though.

An article talking about phase spaces.