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Yeah. It’s has some cool features for doing snapshots? I wanted to setup Artix on it, but failed with base installation iso, so I went with gtk one and basic settings to get it running asap. I read than ext4 is more stable than btrfs? Or that it just has some issues, so I stayed with ext4. As a backup/sync thing I would recommend running LAN only instance of Nextcloud or use Syncthing. It won’t prevent your system from dying, but getting back up and running should be quite fast and convinient :)

That’s so unlucky… I guess I will have to get new UPS. Current one works only when system is idle, or for my laptop :p

I know it is off topic a bit, but it sounds funny in my mind that organisation that fights for inclusion has it’s own apps.

(I didn’t read the article yet, just found combination of these two words funny; on fifth thought it’s not that much funny, only on first one was, but I guess that’s normal even for purposful joke)

I kind of agree… But you have to take a look at distributions like PopOS. I haven’t used it much, but it is very pretty, and super fast to install. In 30 minutes you could be up and browsing mindlessly facebook; from start with clean hardware; even if you know nothing about sysops.

I see. I stan by my words also :)

Hostile, in like that you are not going to use it and posting comments about it being bad in some way. You are not neutral towards it, and not for it, so you are against it (I admit that binary thinking here isn’t 100% precise).

I don’t think that banning people below 18 will enlarge their safety. It will just push them to different platforms (that aim to use their users). I don’t see any more danger if someone uses Instagram or similar than this site. The problem lies in education of user (which I think young people are better and better with that as they grow up with technology (I hope)), not in slider that goes too low of what you prefer.

You can meet and feel unsafe with person at any age.

Systems have huge impact on behaviour. If Alovoa will make educating campaigns, and push wholesome message it will make much bigger change than your solution, that doesn’t address the problem (of using position amd force for own gain, and damage to others).

I will try to use metaphor here. Let’s assume that there is a person and a match (besides other things). If you teach that person how to use this match, they will be able to warm themselves but not burn themselves down. They may hurt their fingertips trying to find how long they can hold it, but something like that you can just shake off. If you tie their hands but leave the match on the table and leave them, because of abrupt movements they may succeed in lighting it up (or get mad while trying to do that) but then fleemsy movements may lead to fire, and setting themselves ablaze. If you take that match from them, and leave the whole table still flooded in other matches, the result will be similar to above.

I really don’t like people thinking for others and assuming everything, and getting hostile because of that. The problem layes in education and teaching, not in freedom. Technology brings us tools. There is nothing wrong in knife while you are cutting carrot, but there is something horrible wrong if you stab somone with it on purpose. Still the problem isn’t in the act itself, but why that happend; what lead to that situation and how can it be prevented in the future.

Because You find it unethicall does mean that everyone thinks that? Or it is that? And why necesarly adult would meet with minor?

Here You see an quite unicorn project aiming to do good, and you find one detail that for you isn’t right, that shouldn’t concern you if you aren’t interested in it.

Yeah, if you don’t like something you don’t have to use it. I just find your arguments quite narrow minded, and focusing on one possible outcome out of thosuands.

I think this project is amazing, considering all of the toxic and human exploiting apps that exists.

What does age have to do with being ethical? You think that 18 is magical unicorn gate that makes people adults? Or that if someone is younger shouldn’t be able to find sex/love partner? Or that no one lies online and forcing younger user to lie would benefit anyone, and not create situation when one lawfully adult person think that is meeting with another lawfully adult person to get drinks? Or that no 50 year old won’t create account with minimal age set up be it 18 or 16? I think lying is a problem here, not age difference.

Yall boycotting dating app because you are afraid that a 16 year old may have sex with maybe anyone more experienced making it probably safer? Especially when this site isn’t aiming to be hook up app, but place to meet people.

It is also very, very young project trying to do a great thing for lonely people, yet you attack it because you think that number is too low? And that’s only reason?

How sick can you be if the first thing you think about when you see young age is rape? (I assume that is what you think?) Or that 16 year old person must be removed and can’t think for themselves? You think when you hit 18, you got some magic smartness power card and become homo sapiens?

Why go there to just show it off? C’mon lets get crazy here and now. Don’t let social norms strangle your madness.


Hm, I would call it dating app. It is like any other form of organised meetings for single people (I guess, never been to one). Real relations come out of it (I know such couples), as well as one night stands (been there). I don’t know definition of word hook up, but I think it mainly relates to one night stands.

Well. It depends on many factors. It depends what people do after they meet with this new relation.

This is interesting… The write limit is gone, so the drive to self preserve allows only reads… It sounds logical… Anyone got any solid idea/knoweledge on the topic?

I wanted to ask the same thing. Features are similar but sounds more focused on collaboration, I think.

I’m not sure though… So if I install it on my machine it will connect to their servers for anything or not? What exactly “installing my own instance” does, and why it is under “Demo” header?

Thank you all for replies. I will check every proposition you made and leave a comment which one I picked.

Hm, I made a few pdfs’ in it… There is an option to open documents and draw in them?

Also Artix ftw! (I think, I didn’t make through installation yet, haha)

I got Wacom Intuos few years ago as present. So now while I’m explaining something I can draw whatever I need in the moment, to get the idea through.

Software for drawing in PDFs Linux & Windows ?
Hello! In the age of remote learning/teaching I started using Edge to draw in .pdfs I'm showing to my students and it really fits my basic need, but something more focused on the task and in spirit of FLOSS would great. What's most important to me is ability to draw and easily erase what I drawn; handy page switching. More would be nice of course. I couldn't find anything like that, and software like Krita or GIMP doesn't work well for my needs, that's why I'm using Edge. If you know anything like that please tell! ^^

Am I correctly looking at it a bit like wordpress, but you got to write your own theme and that’s all? (I’m not very advanced in these things)

I had some errors with that… but thanks for reminding me of this feature. I got to work on it to make it work.

If you want you could post your RSS links here so others could copy them :)

Other admins should come and give their opinions on if soferman did break any rules or is there just too many emotions. I would probably unban him, but I’m not admining here so maybe I don’t know something/the full story. He got many downvotes, but I’m not sure why, but it seems that there are people that agree with admin.

Well, I did read that. I don’t agree still with this group topic/theme/name. If you can’t get to a conclusion within a group, you don’t make your own group that agrees with you so you can feel comfortable (and become ignorant).

It’s like laying in bed and not going out because the floor is too hard. It is much better to get in interaction with hard floor than rot in bed. (I know that my metaphors are sometimes bad… I hope this one is not :) )

Hm… I don’t agree with making c/ about one sided news, but I feel that ton of comments and votes casted here are biased. I don’t see anything terrible here… I’m not sure what liberal world news are… but I’m sure a lot of people here feel attacked by this opposite opinion, or world view that OP maybe represents.

Whole above thread doesn’t look like a perfect debate about if such community is right, more like “We are more right than you”.

I think that such c/ could be bad overall, so I’m more or less against it. As my main argument I will just say that world news are world news, and all news/photos links should be there so we all can get a view on an event from as many points of view as possible. I hope OP sees it as I do, or has arguments for this community. I can’t see them. I was trying to look at it like sport related c/, for example like a fanpage for a sports team. But sport is a hobby, what happens in the world and our correct understanding of it is on whole anothet level.

I used there italics to point out my joke, that this comment was irony. I was quite sure that writting such comment on this platform won’t be taken seriously. So I’m sorry for confusing you. Everyone should use the best tool for the job, but ofcourse I’m guided by light of FLOSS in my decisions.

OMG! I finally learned how to jump to topic/post from notification! Sadly it didn’t point to specific reply I think…

Hm… I guess one day I may need to use some viagra… Anyway, I was thinking about one or two years. Everything takes time to grow.

Aren’t google news biased to what you would like to see?

Now I saw that you wrote about that in your README.md. You did great job on that btw. There is ton of really usefull and important information. Big thanks for that :)

I’m curious what are you drawing in. As I understand it’s not some part of weylus?

I’m really new to lemmy, but I’m really not into having someone with too much power. If someones activity brings downvotes and reports their posts and comments should be much more hidden. If their activity is bombarded by community, only then administrator should step in to judge situation and bring some harder penalty to a user, like limiting comments per day or even deleting account if really downvotes went off the roof. Basing judgement on one person point of view isn’t the way to go (usually, depends on context). If people didn’t liked something, then an outsider (in this situation admin) should step in to give his second opinion, if he agrees with people then harsh penalties are used. If not they still can downvote the hell out of something and have real impact on that matter.