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Wikimedian advice/dreaming of an alternative?
cross-posted from: > Any words of advice from more Wikimedians more experienced than I? From everybody who uses Wikipedia and her sisters, what could be better?

If I remember correctly, Windows and macOS have had verified boot for a while now, and all of Apple’s OS’s permissions models are some of the best.

Anarchists of Lemmy strong!

Sure. Linux’s lack of application sandboxing, verified boot, and permissions model makes it so, and I’m happy to answer any questions.

Amazing work! How do you feel about Nix flakes deployment?

We do not need to “bridge divides” to defeat the 1%. We need to defeat the 1% by any means necessary.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t make clearer the imagination that comes with creating a usable and FLOSS operating system! The article is a little pessimistic, sure, but check out some resources on up-and-coming kernels like Zircon and SeL4 in particular and tell me what you think.

As a copyright abolitionist, I wholeheartedly agree with you support the freedom of GNU/Linux entirely, and that is why I hold it to such high standards of security. GNU/Linux is private, sure, but not secure by default. Please read Madaidan’s article on Linux’s security model and his guide to Linux hardening. I’m personally holding out for such promising alternatives such as (a potentially ungoogled) Fuchsia. Did you know that the FLOSS kernel SeL4 is proven to be correct with mathematical precision? POSIX compliant innovations will someday leave Linux in the dust.

Natural gardening is for all; permaculture is often for upper middle class hipsters. Join us on [/c/naturalgardening]( ! There are several schools of thought regarding natural gardening, the most notable two being in Korean and Japanese style. All styles of natural gardening are to be discussed!

I don’t think Linux by design has a security model conducive to desktop computing.

Do you imagine a world beyond GNU or Linux?
Abolition requires imagination. Is Linux becoming the privacy friendly status quo that we’re all forced to accept? What comes next? I just created [/c/beyondlinux](

Announcing /c/beyondlinux
**[Linux is not a secure OS](; abolition requires imagination.** Discuss the future of operating systems beyond GNU or Linux; from [SeL4]( to [Fuchsia](, can we dream a little?