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There is an Android app now actually, works a little smoother than the PWA

I think id rather eat a brick than continue this discussion goodbye

Those, but also can’t play some AAA games, use standard apps like Microsoft Excel, use a DAW besides bitwig, ardour, audacity

I didn’t say Linux isn’t better, I just said it’s definitely not easy enough for the average person.

But either way, it being a better daily driver is specific to your workflow. What about gaming? Audio production work? Livestreaming? Office work with the standard applications? Nah, Windows is better for those at least because of the software availability. Be nuanced.

Me too. I think Linux still has way too many usability issues for it to be mainstream right now, as well.

As a relatively new linux user, Linux is right about a lot of UX concerns and it’d be really nice if people were more receptive. It should be harder to brick your system in Linux, just have a default where you can’t and power users can easily disable that block

I think you’ve just been lucky. There’s still a lot of use-cases free software doesn’t cover effectively. Like if you were a professional artist etc.

I daily drove Matrix for a while and honestly, the UI/UX isn’t so good. Signal is the only platform I can reasonably get people on, and it’s just a better user experience (stickers, nice look, fast messages, link previews, etc.).

I’m honestly sick of people saying some alternatives are great for everyone when they still have work to do, you can’t even easily make encrypted groupchats on there. So much fragmentation, so little polish - still love the devs but like, be realistic

How do you clone apps?
There's a lot of proprietary apps to make unlimited clones of any app you want, but is there a FOSS method? I know Shelter and Insular let you make one work profile clone, that's all though.

How do you save your bookmarks?
Do you put them in a notes app somewhere, in a browser, or something else? I'm hoping there's an app where you can put them in privately, organize them by tags, and search with those.

I can only find Teddy for Teddit on Izzyondroid as another client to subscribe to subreddits and save posts, and it feels difficult to use UI-wise compared to this. Does anyone have an alternative good no account Reddit setup?