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From a privacy perspective it sucks . The locking of basic features behind a paywall also sucks. The lack of federation sucks. It being closed source sucks.

From a UI perspective and Funktions it is awesome.

Newpipe tough does not have an proxy option, which Invidious and Piped already has/is.

Not in a capitalist system. Possible in a socialist/communist sociaty, because a private school would then be a public school, but with seperate school systems and or special people.

Not everything, but Discord blends text channels and voice channels together perfectly.

Does cinny have a desktop application? I could only find there browser login.

Do you guys like Revolt? (Discord Alternative)
It is an more private alternative to Discord. Even tough they do not offer federation, self-hosting servers is possible, but self-hosting Dms is not possible. Matrix does not have separated voice and text chats in one server, aka Discord style. Is it better to use Revolt for now or create our own Federated Discord alternative? Revolt: https://revolt.chat/

This is why I am working on my own project. Peertube has problems with proxies and looks garbage. My project will be, like Pleroma or and Misskey for Mastadon, but in the context of PeerTube.

Does anyone else also have a dislike to modern youtube and at the same time have Nastolgia?
I for example get a feeling of Nostalgia, since I dislike the new (actual old now) sanatised modern youtube design, removal of dislikes, limiting customisability, garbage video recomendation and saturated copy cats youtubers. The worst of them all is the google account feature that gets forcefully showed down our throats. There is even more, like: ads, sponsorships and more bulshish. It needed to get out of my system. Thank you !! :D

Why is Protonmails Email app not on F-Droid?
I am going to visit Protonmails headquater, when they wont make the change in the next coming months.

Signal vs Telegram
What is better for privacy? Signal or Telegram? I know XMPP is better then both of them.

How do I make a call with my friend on xmpp?
My friend and I use a trashserver.net xmpp account and tried to call each other (my friend uses pidgin.im on windows virus). I tried to call him, but it was disabled on my linux pidgin client and the call function does not show up on dino and conversation as well. Do these clients not support calling or is it hidden from me. can someone help me?

What do you guys say to it. Should they rather use XMPP or and Tox?