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I think what the fediverse need is a organisation for standardization with a good governance model, something like the C++ foundation or the XMPP/Matrix.org Foundation , I don’t know if something like that exists. Maybe also make a trademark and enforce it using a test suite like in the RISC-V foundation or Java.

I can’t see how that is useful, is it just until the “real” functionality for highlighting the new comments since last visit will be implemented?

one to provide an outlet for people’s unpleasant/destructive thoughts (sometimes voicing them will help temporarily quiet them if you are in acute distress).

That sounds like a problematic issue, reddit already has a problem with communities for support where "ppl who suck at X give advice to other people who suck at X). These types of communities might reinforce unhealthy attitudes, I suggest you at least link to sources that have at least trained volunteers (my country have those, and the US probably also has it), maybe also links to other resources like free online CBT/ACT therapy resources or books.

Why do some comments appear white?

Is this suppose to highlight new comments? because if it is it does not seem to work OK, I only visited yesterday yet a comment from 23m ago is not highlighted.

I was thinking at the actual project page itself (say next to “instances”).

I was thinking about the sidebar (or some sort of wiki linked by the sidebar, even a codeberg readme file).

There are still a few features planned…

I would start with a link to the source code.

I was originally going to post it directly to this group, but for some reason whenever I tried it the message got stuck “pending” and removing the mention fixed it.

Can you try to reproduce this and maybe submit a bug here?

I think the best thing to do right now is to increase the active user count, then worry about conversion rate (basically percentage of users who contribute, which seems not good enough for lemmy)

e.g. fosstodon has about 42,934 MAU and makes about $3,236 (about 13 users per dollar).

for mastodon it’s 2706053 MAU and makes about $33,627 (about 80 users per dollar).

for lemmy it seems like it’s 7.6 users per dollar , but i think that could be higher because the donate button seems almost invisible.

Yeah, i posted this, i basically constantly steal posts from lemmy and put them on reddit lol.

Having some extension showing reddit (teddit?) posts from links posted on lemmy or the other way around could be useful.

If you work on open source your basically doing work for free, there is a limit to how much you can do.

You can put a message when posting an issue, saying the project is missing maintainers, and existing maintainers have limited time to work on the project.

Another option is to use something like rysolv, if people don’t want to put money to have the issue fixed (even money that will go to some nonprofit feeding hungry africans) it’s probably not that important. The issue getting the most money indicates it is at least somewhat important.

The biggest difference between Mastodon and Twitter is that there is no “algorithmic boosting” of any kind – there is no manipulation of your natural newsfeed. Because Mastodon doesn’t boost for engagement, there tend to be a lot fewer hostile arguments, conspiracy theories, and celebrity fawning.

On the other hand it is a lot harder to find interesting content, even when compared to something even moderately “algorithmic” like lemmy.

Where do i put the flake file? (another disadvantage, an implicit dependency).

Also does it get added to “~/.nix-profile/bin/” ? Does it use a binary cache (do every package in nixpkgs has to be rebuilt from source?)

I think a good governance model is important, maybe copy the model of a well known university (harvard/MIT) or use some kind of open source project as a case study (kde seems good).

Gorey uses the Red Hat case to back up his point: in 2019, he says, the company made three times as much money on subscriptions as they did on professional services

What is the difference between these two models?

They brought in about 379M in the last twelve months and are growing fast (about 50%) they must be doing something right.

There are already open source search engines , I am worried this is just too much fragmentation , I think somehow having more collaboration would be useful (starting a non profit with a formal governance model where you can solve disputes could help).

I read the article, flakes sound like an interesting solution that could make it a lot easier to contribute to open source projects (which reportedly often causes an increase in contributions).

With that said, nix-channel still seems like a simpler (by simpler i mean easier to learn and use) at least for simple use case of replacing flatpak , I still don’t know how to replace nix-channel with it, I am not really trying hard but the bottom line it is hard to compete with the ease of use/learning of just doing:

nix-channel --add some_channel nix-channel --update

Is there a good open source software for running surveys with a free online host?
It should have the option of answering yes/no questions (I am considering running a survey checking if a community knows if a certain feature exists).

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