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Maybe that’s why you hate it but my annoyance is more at people who reflexively feel they win every argument by calling the other person a liberal because they don’t believe that the CCP is a corruption-free bastion of good will and a perfect example for the world to follow.

You can be a communist and still legitimately criticize the CCP though you wouldn’t know it from the 4 people posting all the articles and leading every discussion at Lemmygrad

Ehh… I just realized I don’t care. I was thinking about how sad it is that people post so prolifically and emphatically to the same 15 people while believing that they’re making a difference and fighting the good fight. Then I realized that arguing with them is equally as pointless. I mean this is the biggest thread I’ve ever seen on Lemmy and it’s about why it’s so unsuccessful. If people want to have a tiny club where they dictate their specific flavor of communism and call everyone else is a liberal, go for it. I’d call it an echo chamber but it’s too small - echoes need some space to generate. Lemmygrad is tiny little groups of people congratulating each other on believing the exact same thing and being obnoxiously insufferable to anyone whose opinions only match 98%. You’re cosplay revolutionaries. You change nothing and inspire no one but you sure feel like badasses while regurgitating the same lines to each other.

I’m out

More like if you dont like the 4 prolific posters’ personal take on communism. Lemmygrad gets so much hate because a few peoplewithj nothing better to do post 80% of the political content. Every collective (reddit) have their hive minds but Lemmygrad is like a small town church that prescribes exactly what you’re supposed to see and think. It’s pretty gross.

What an interesting career she had!

Meanwhile actual hate subs will go unnoticed while reddit shuts down pcmasterrace to get a higher IPO

I physically cringed while reading this. It sounds more like a copypasta and I’m still holding out hope that it is.

You can ignore users. I’ve only done it with 1 person but it’s made my experience much more enjoyable as they are… prolific.

I use it because it’s open source, degoogled, and hardened. I don’t know about the accusations against the founder but I’m not going to downgrade my security over it.

The author is upset that Edge is suggesting an alternative solely based on price.

Does it seem crazy to anyone else that they wrote a paragraph about that but completely ignored that the browser is watching, recording, and disseminating everything they do?

I notice a lot of Wizards on Lemmy, but maybe that’s unintentional selective perception because I’m a hopeless Wizard.

No one is arguing that RAM is persistent after reboots…

@yxzi 's original comment suggested regularly restarting your device, which coincincides with the assessment that Pegasus can live in RAM. I see it as nothing but great advice and I can’t figure out why it illicited your responce in a post created by you about “staying safe from Pegasus.”

edit: a few letters

What type of phone do you use as your daily driver? iPhone? Android?

If Pegasus required physical access to your device that would be relevant. However, it’s installed through several other means and according to articles I’ve read can live in RAM. So restarting regularly despite never having an unattended device seems prudent.

One of the articles about it (I think from The Guardian) said that it can run in RAM which was one thing making it harder to detect. It said that it was present until a reboot.

I use Vanadium on GrapheneOS and have no complaints.

That’s weird - it showed that I commented the same thing twice, so I deleted the one you didn’t reply to, and now it shows just the one and it’s deleted.

I assume that’s you in the pics below - do you use an iPhone?

I use GrapheneOS as my daily driver and love it. I’ve also been active in the GrapheneOS Matrix community and have never seen anything that I would consider questionable. I’ve never received money, but I guess my payment for this comment is a FOSS, deGoogled, hardened OS.

What speech-to-text app for Android do you use?
My requirements are that the app not use the internet at all, much less record and send my voice and transcripts to exist forever "somewhere else."

The Aurora Store shows the app has 2 trackers: Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics.

It sounds neat, but that’s a no from me dog.

I agree 100% with your comment. Fuck the surveillance state. Fuck the 14 eyes and their collaborators. Fuck capitalism hard. There’s a metric fuckton of legitimate and serious criticism of the 14 eyes and the practices of the US specifically.

At the same time, legitimate criticism about any other country is valid, including China. There shouldn’t be sides where one is “bad” and the other is “good.” It rings of Republicans bad/Democrats good. None of the rich and powerful work for you or care about you. That’s the only way they became rich and powerful - sociopathic behavior. To them, you and I only matter as far as we can advance their desires.

I realize that the US pushes out anti-China rhetoric constantly and most of it is total bullshit. I also see most arguments against the CPP are based around that propaganda. That doesn’t mean that the CPP is doing everything right and deserves a universal pass on criticism. No government does.

Show me a government full of pure and transparent people and ideas who work solely for the good of everyone and we should get off Lemmy and work on getting citizenship there.

With all that said if its an open source processor, I don’t understand why it originating country matters if anyone can analyze the technology, but then I know nothing about the inner workings of a processor.

I use vertical mice and would never go back. The learning curve lasted about 5 minutes at which point it stopped feeling weird or different. I game with it and though I was never great to begin with, I haven’t noticed a decrease in ability.

VPN, folks. There’s no need to give the bastards more of your data.

Maybe this is an anti-answer to your question but I don’t deal with them. I refuse. There’s way too many stupid people people in the world for me to spend my limited time trying to convince someone with logical arguments when they’re obviously immune to logic. They’ve already found their truth in a YouTube video despite the sum total of all scientific knowledge so what can I do other than get myself bent out of shape worrying about it?

I actively don’t engage, physically remove myself if possible, make a mental note to never trust them with anything that requires critical thought, and move on.

This isn’t the right answer for everyone but I lack the skills needed to not invest emotion in those encounters. It ruins my day. I actually learned this about myself through replying to crazy comments on reddit. I had to learn to down vote and move on.

That was a really sad read. Trying to bilk innocent people out of money by using their most sensitive and vulnerable moments against them is sickening.

And that’s before thinking about the (dozens? hundreds?) of systems that my and many other people’s personal data are sitting in right now. How many of those servers are run equally as poorly as the one in the article?

Does anyone else feel like every new piece of information that gets written about paints a darker and darker future?

I use Joplin too. You can use it on multiple devices and store your notebook on Nextcloud or Dropbox as excepted files that are decrypted on your device.

My requirement was to be able to write notes and also make checklists that can be checked and unchecked for use with grocery lists, and Joplin is awesome for that.

As someone who knows no rust, what makes rust so appealing for writing the Linux kernel as opposed to all the languages that have existed since C++?

Their account is 7 hours old which corresponds to when the troll above was banned, but that’s circumstantial. Their comments history, however, is factual. Please ban the troll.

extending the sound of a written word by repeating a letter that doesn’t correlate with the sound.

ex: ohhhhhhh, wayyyyyyy