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Music player, fork of the now defunct Clementine. Lots of options to play around.

You either use TOR (only way to browse without an unique fingerprint) or have a hardened Firefox without using most sites that could potentially track you.

Browserleaks is not extensive but it gives you a good idea of how to reduce that fingerprint https://browserleaks.com . Another option is to use https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js but be sure to read their wiki

There’s a 4chan-like site that has this “live” feature, it’s really fun and honestly doesn’t get old. There were people really bad at typing, but it wasn’t such a big deal, and even better if you’re chatting with friends.

I like to use this website when I want an alternative to what I’m using: https://alternativeto.net/software/github/

I think it’s absurd putting free software against tech giants in the same field. One is for profit and can pay to innovate, the other consist of volunteers doing it (mostly) for free. It’s not like FOSS applications don’t want to innovate, it’s just that they can’t for the most part.

It’s equally absurd to demand things like “you should do research and development”, like who are you talking to in particular? The FOSS community is not an organization.

Having a separate partition is a good idea and funny enough it can help you in this issue. If you try to reinstall the system, you can format the other partitions and leave /home untouched, so you will have a fresh system but keeping all your personal data as it is; that’s the main benefit of having multiple partitions.

Next time, you should just make /var bigger according to your own experience. Other people only have 2 partitions: / as a 20-40 GB one (or bigger, this is according your needs) and the rest of your HDD/SDD for /home. Another tip is that when you’re re-installing the system, use a new nickname, otherwise the new system will try to use all the old config files in your old account, and finally, if there’s very important stuff in /home, definitely make an outside backup, there’s always the chance of misreading something or ticking the wrong box.

Yeah, KDE comes with an automatic wallpaper changer with the “image of the day”, usually Bing or NASA are good picks.

I’d only consider Elementary OS “too user friendly”.

Argentina is a good first option, I think Chile would be even better. Not only a global conflict, but a massive global catastrophe.

I thought the answer was going to be Falkon, but it ended up being an ad response…

It’s not free? Maybe because I was an early adopter, but I have never donated and have both pm.me and proton.me

“and the list goes on for a while” No it doesn’t, you pretty much name all of them, at least the ones with a decent user base.

That’s neither crazy nor stupid, but it does seem those are more like inner thoughts and most people don’t share them.

It’s not dumb shit, nowadays if you create a company like that you need to rely on someone else’s servers, so your word of keeping your data safe means nothing. At least if they don’t keep their word with their own servers, they’d be going down on their own.

Also, the question “does anybody use their service” sounds very naive of what’s going on in the world, a lot of people uses Protonmail, it’s probably the first choice of people wanting to avoid big companies.

From what I’ve seen when a community dies, you need to seize the moment and invite those people to come to a new place. Like for example, if r/GME finally gets banned, many would need a new similar place to lurk; after many are aware of it, it’s only a matter of time.

Use Ungoogled Chromium if you’re going to that route:


Are you not following the conversation? What was so hard to understand? This stance of “they’re taking my freedom away” is always ridiculous; as I already stated, allowing that kind of content will hurt the platform in the long run.

It’s an extremely easy decision, either prohibit that content and as a community agree it’s the only kind of stuff nobody wants to see, or blindly allow anything and see lemmy die.

That’s completely wrong. People agree on things we don’t want to see, like how most forums on the internet ban porn, which is not something bad but nobody wants to see that while browsing funny cat videos.

It’s called agreement of civility. This will make the site last longer.

Flawed logic. Saying the dev will ban random things he doesn’t like is wrong since it ignores the fact he’s only disallowing something we’re all agree it’s toxic and will only destroy the site at the long run.

KDE has a built-in Image of the Day setting. You can set it up with Bing, NASA, National Geographic, Flickr, Unsplashed, and a few more. Not sure if it can be used with other DEs since it’s part of the settings of the environment.

In my experience, even Ubuntu was hard to use in 2006. The documentation for most distros was meant for people already familiar with technical stuff.

I don’t see how filtering very few words could annoy anyone, none of them are used in normal circumstances (except b***h I guess).

Instead of filtering the words, you could change them for something nice. Like changing “idiot” for “dork”; sounds like it’d make it fun (and of course, still filtering the worst offenders).


Ah! the other day I was thinking I made an account in some reddit alternative years ago but couldn’t remember the name of it. Made like 2 posts until I realized it was just the same kind of politics everywhere.

It wasn’t long ago, but when it came out the last thing people thought of it were politics.

They’d make fun of Trump a lot if it was still running, but just because there’s a lot of room to make jokes; Biden not so much.

I was wondering the same, reading about BLE seems to be only in your proximity but I’m not entirely sure.

Maybe not ready yet (can’t find it on Fdroid), but Berty also looks pretty good, should be down there with Briar:


“No internet connection required (uses the BLE technology and mDNS)”

You can’t convince them, this is a situation where they’re going to learn the hard way, when their data is stolen.

But the analogy is using nowadays is with how the safety of people in cars wasn’t a priority a few decades ago both by ignorance and saving costs. Today it’s unthinkable to have a vehicles without seat belt, airbags, ABS, etc, and in a few decades it’s going to be common sense to protect your data.

I recently moved to advanced mode in uBlock Origin, I kinda miss uMatrix but it’s not that bad I guess.

I personally use Element but I think recommending Signal is a great step forward for the average person.

I feel everyone should be aware of alternativeto.net, in case you need an alternative to any piece of software or an alternative to a website. Like, if you type reddit there, you get this place.