a community for the podcast chapo trap house
chapo.chat doesn’t allow to sign up, for how long is it going to stay closed?
Today i found out https://chapo.chat is finally a thing, but as far as I can see, they don't allow anyone to register anymore. I tried to look in [/c/main](https://www.chapo.chat/c/main), but i don't see any post about closing the subscriptions. Does anyone know why it's closed, and for how long the lock will last? Maybe they announced something in their discord?

Permananently Deleted
*Permananently Deleted*

why not lenny? It sounds more communister.

Any updates on the ChapoTrapHouse subreddit migration?
Just wondering what the discord is up to.

Who’s your favourite host from the podcast?
Nima Shirazi or Adam Johnson?

If these loopy bastards do finally bring the boogaloo, I think I have more to worry about from the boogers than the pigs; the boogers can actually hit what they’re shooting at most of the time.
As opposed to the blueline boys. If it is them coming after me, the safest place in the world will be right in front of me, but I feel bad for the trees 2m away from me. They'll be fucked.

Thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell?
Want some leftists' thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell. I haven't read too many of his books but to me he comes across as somewhere on the more liberal end of a social democrat.

guys i got a good bit
ymc drop the a how about this very funny bit i think its like the transphob people but ymca

If you make me mod, I’ll post nudes
That's it, that's the post

a community for the podcast chapo trap house
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