• Helix
    3 years ago

    I think you shouldn’t ban people just because they’re not nice to you. Which problems did they cause in !worldnews@lemmy.ml? (EDIT: clarifying that I read some of their comments, but nothing banworthy yet – so I’m not saying they don’t cause trouble, just that I’d like to see at least a few instances of hard evidence against them).

    We don’t all agree on Lemmy. You’re doing right now what you accuse @soferman@lemmy.ml of:

    I think the idea that everyone should think exactly like you is in fact much more authoritarian.

    people in my surroundings also agree with me, but for me that isnt a reason to claim superiority. Would you really prefer if Lemmy was an echo chamber where everyone thinks just like you?

    I will take this opportunity to ban you from /c/worldnews, because of your hostile behaviour there. […] you are causing too much trouble.

    Bruh. “Spamming” links to Reuters and Telegraph hardly counts as “hostile behaviour” in my book. If you ban them because you don’t like the content they’re sharing and you’re the mod of !worldnews@lemmy.ml, just say so. It’d at least be honest. Maybe even honest to yourself.

    Censoring wrong opinions instead of answering them with proper sources is a pretty “interesting” move. Sure, you can’t talk to fascists, but I don’t see one here. They’re entitled to their opinion, just as you are entitled to ban them from your community – don’t say you’re doing this because you’re superior, when you claim to not claim superiority. This is an oxymoron.

    Do you not think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion?