• @soferman@lemmy.mlOP
    22 years ago

    I don’t think this is the best place to go in to detail about that, but I’ll do it since you asked.

    First, I should admit there are media sources in the west that can be sensational, in-factual or even being pure propaganda outlets. However these are not regarded as reputable sources in the west either.

    Where I think dessalines and others takes it too far is when they regard mainstream reputable and scrutanized sources as propagandamachines against China and Russia. And conspiracies go as far as NATO being a neo nazi organization.

    Here is a rough list, although not everyone of them probably agree on who they feel about all the sources:

    These people will refute everything posted that is negative towards Russia, Belarus and China. And talk down sources as these. I’ve also seen downvoting on criticism of north korea which I’ve found weird. I don’t think that is very rational, at least if you understand how legitimacy and how heads will roll in media for doing inappropriate things.

    At the same time they are using alternative news sources things like:

    Which are specifically known for spreading conspiracies

    Which I’d consider pretty bad