Hello everyone,

I have my Midwest, USA oriented instance up. It’s not federated yet, although I think it’s ready for federation since I added lemmy.ml and sopuli.xyz to it.

This is very much a personal project of mine, so there may be mistakes made in deploying it from time to time.

  • QuentinCallaghan
    2 years ago

    Have you subscribed into any communities at my instance? try !meta@sopuli.xyz for example. And as @nutomic@lemmy.ml said:

    It will fetch the first 20 posts when the community is first searched from your instance (but no votes, comments etc). Once any local user subscribes to the community, all new posts/comments/votes etc will be delivered to your instance. Old items will only be fetched on demand (eg if you search them, or if they are referenced by a new item).