I’m kind of new to android. F-droid is kind of hard to navigate. some apps doesn’t load their thumbnails and some doesn’t even have them at all. It’s hard to decide which ones are good other than how recent It’s updated.

What I need atm:

  • Music player
  • Writing / Note taking
  • Diary app
  • VPN?
  • Maps
  • Messenger app
  • Social media / Fediverse frontends (if it exists)
  • Peertube client (to upload and manage videos)
  • Reminders / To do list app

You can recommend me any android apps that might be useful.

2 urte

*You need to enable Izzysoft’s repo by going to Settings–>Repositories, clicking the plus sign, and then pasting the following link: https://apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid/repo?fingerprint=3BF0D6ABFEAE2F401707B6D966BE743BF0EEE49C2561B9BA39073711F628937A. Also note that PixelDroid has two entries, one of which is on Izzysoft’s repo. The one on the main repo is the newer one.

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