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An unofficial community for Tutanota users. Tutanota is an open-source email provider based in Hanover, Germany. https://github.com/tutao/tutanota https://tutanota.com/

For those of us that have a Tutanota account

How? Their clients are open source.

That doesn’t make it Open Source.

If not, we could say the same for Telegram and Protonmail which are not.

And it is worse when they just don’t say it in the general way but they say “mail provider” impliying that is their service Open Source itself which is the main part being non-FLOSS.

Ok. Yeah, that makes sense.

2 urte

All true and very misleading, they could’ve just stated “open source mail client”… Forgot to adjust the description accordingly

But if Tutanota states open source mail client, people will think Tutanota is some sort of email application like K-9 Mail or Thunderbird.

We should get in touch with them and tell them to change the description to something else which is not misleading.

02 urte

this is where an asterisk would come in handy, I guess… An “our web client is open source but our backend is not” probably wouldn’t work either, since it’s lengthy

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