I dislike how to post on like the majority of big subreddit, you have to have X karma, Y account age etc, and those things seem to be enforced by automod. A really good feature of lemmy for me is there being no automod!

  • @antiworker@lemmy.ml
    33 years ago

    automod is one of the best ways to prevent right-wingers from using your platform, even requiring you to include “trans rights are human rights” can filter 99% of rightoids

    • @makingStuffForFun@lemmy.ml
      11 months ago

      I’d say that’s probably part of the issue. Devicive mechanisms like that create bubbles / echo chambers.

      Whilst I agree with you, I wouldn’t enter any phrase with ideological direction like this. Just on principal. I’m not a child. I can do as I please, and I’d simply move on. So then that community doesn’t get content from someone like myself, who’s going to give some quality discussion (assuming the community is a quality discussion type of community).

      I’d say an automod is required. But, how it’s used, or abused, will dictate how the community grows.