I was attacked by a machine code wizard.


Xie hexed me.

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I think the plan is gonna be to keep on polluting:

“Climate change is suppose to affect poor countries first. I hate poor countries and I want to see them suffer. So I’ll just grab some popcorn and watch climate change. Then when it starts affecting my rich country, i’ll either fly to mars or use all the fusion reactors to suck co2 out of the air”

criticizing tiktok (ccp ties) on lemmy.ml, very bold

maybe it will be best to just set these up on our families phones and friends who are willing and just start using it.

this works very well i’ve heard for signal android

I was under the impression the slur filter was popular on lemmy? To scare away rightwingers

PSA: whether you use signal, element/matrix, xmpp, briar, etc, you're doing good!
I see a lot of down votes and conflict in privacy communities about which one is the best, but tbh, if you're not using fb/sms/email you're pretty much the top 1% of privacy users. So as far as we should be concerned, that's good enough. The debates about signal being better than matrix etc are fine to have, but IMO it'd be more productive if we spoke more about how to get granny, the boss, the nephew, etc on signal, matrix etc. Doesn't matter how good any of our privacy apps are, I almost never meet a single person who uses any of them and have to default to fb. Most people over yonder haven't even heard of the apps that aren't telegram or signal. IMO targeting the discorders(/telegramers) is the lowest hanging fruit. Discord/tg is already bridge compatible with matrix, [if you can use LibreOffice, you can set up the t2bot discord-matrix bridge](https://t2bot.io/discord/).

the author puts out a bunch of major bangers

in a future hyper-diverse fedi almost no app will have full compat with all the others anyway,

This is a very good point.

Maybe fediverse’s definition should be changed to include all FOSS federated decentralized services?

Discord and matrix can bridge, but that doesn’t make discord fediverse :p Also, the wikipedia needs updating then, because matrix was on the fediverse page, but was removed due to it not being considered fediverse. Which i think would also apply to xmpp

cc @Relected@lemmy.ml

I would like to see modern xmpp. IMO xmpp isn’t easy enough for mass adoption, like how irc isn’t modern enough either.

Xmpp is fediverse?

in particular, it would be nice if automod was publically visable. On old.reddit posts are shadow removed and it’s not possible to see how much karma is needed

lemmy has a hard coded slur filter which scares away right wingers

I think a good goal is getting each fediverse project it's own wikipedia page
To get a wikipedia page, each project has to be [notable enough](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability#General_notability_guideline). Tldr; Each project has to "receive significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject." In practice this means media coverage from like cnn, vice, vox, etc. The fediverse has [many projects already](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fediverse) so it might not be feasible for them all the have their own wikipedia pages. But even projects like pleroma don't have wikipedias and pleroma is quite big.

Don't ever add automod to lemmy
I dislike how to post on like the majority of big subreddit, you have to have X karma, Y account age etc, and those things seem to be enforced by automod. A really good feature of lemmy for me is there being no automod!

I like this style that you do that you link to multiple fediverse posts in your one lemmy post. A bot that could bridge all fediverse like this without needing you to be around would be cool