In my opinion the only good thing it does is to create copies of already existing communities, so basically people tend to follow one community or the other and it divides the people who could be active.

If you want to create a community that’s similar to one and for some reason you don’t want to be a part of it, find another name, if you can’t find another name, create your own instance. So if Lemmy is federating now we could have /c/worldnews, /c/world_news, and the same applies to every other instance that decides to do the same. In my opinion this only segregates people.

The same applies to uppercase letters, which Reddit uses but luckily Lemmy does not, imagine how many copies of a community could be created if you use both.

    02 years ago

    “Manual intervention” would be necessary only for cases such as creating superb_owl ( while super_bowl exists ).
    Mods could do it by themselves (without administrator) if they agree.
    “Manual intervention” is what we do each time we comment … i guess the ratio :
    Ra/u = Manu.admin /Manu.user
    would be negligible. (?)

    Thanks for your time, i rest my case 😌